The Real Cause of Death

In 1993 the New England Journal of Medicine came out with a very well-researched report called Actual Causes of Death in the United States (repeated in 2004) which stated that 70% of our diseases are lifestyle related, and that eight of the


David Copperfield Medicine

On one extreme, we have optimal health. You generally feel good, wake up energetic, are free of aches and pains, have good nutrition, and your filtration organs are adequately coping with whatever toxins enter your body. On the other extreme, you have

The Medical Twilight Zone

One day you come into the doctor saying, “Look Doc, I don’t feel so good. I’m tired, I’m achy, I’ve got brain fog, I can’t think straight, I’m not sleeping, I’ve got skin rashes, and bloating. I’m sure there’s something wrong with

A Weak Link in the Chain of Organs

Everyone has a genetic predisposition for a weak organ or weak tissues or a weak system that is targeted when a person’s toxic threshold had been reached. It’s kind of like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. So long as the

“The Life of the Flesh is in The Blood”

The blood is your life force. It’s designed to take essential nutrients where they are needed and remove cellular wastes from where they are not needed. Picture a vibrant, gushing river – an artery, branching into streams called veins, that become trickling


The One Disease with Many Symptoms

When we look at all the different diseases that people contract these days, what we are seeing are a variety of Cellular Functional Disorders (or CFDs as I call them for short). One disease is being repackaged in 12,000 different ways. Let

Can you Explain the Terrain Model in Under a Minute?

When your body comes in contact with poison or toxin your body initiates a cleaning process to remove that toxin. To clean itself your body uses expulsion symptoms, which are symptoms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, diarrhoea, vomiting, or fever.

You may recognize

The Body is Not a Chemistry Set

I will never forget the day when my dad told me, “You better be putting some meat on your bones if you’re going to play football – otherwise you’re not going to be able to play.” I was one of those skinny