Stressed? Call in the Breath

“It’s much more common, especially in the modern world, to never experience full-blown, life-threatening stress, but to never fully relax either. We’ll spend our days half-asleep and nights half-awake, lolling in a gray zone of half-anxiety.” –  Breath: The New Science of


Your Cold is the Cure

There are no viruses. None have ever been isolated or proven to cause disease. Ever. There are no contagious germs, just contagious habits. Knowing that your expressive symptoms are the body’s mechanism for communication and healing is something “big harma” doesn’t want

Learn to Opt-Out At Airports

Stop Consenting to Biometric Theft Full body scanners and facial recognition in airports? Just say no. Learn to say the words “opt out.” Recently my partner and I were traveling to the U.S. since they finally opened the border to the non-poisoned


No “Just in Case” Antibiotics

The appearance of antibiotics to treat bacterial infections such as staphylococcal, streptococci, bacilli and pneumonia seemed to arrive as a miracle panacea in the 1950s. Alexander Fleming (1981-1955) – who discovered penicillin, the first broadly effective antibiotic – predicted the rise of


You’re Gonna Get Sick, Get Used to It

Zero Covid, zero disease, zero suffering, zero death. Unrealistic goals? You bet—although many countries (particularly China) have seemingly adopted a “Zero Covid” stance and have made a rather destructive effort to eliminate any occurrence of Covid-19 from their citizenry—boarding people up in

Intensive Farming turns One Solution into Two Problems

One of the most serious environmental problems facing us today is the erosion and degradation of our soil, and modern industrialised farming has precipitated this, turning one solution into two problems. Farms used to combine livestock and crops, rotating their fields so