Antacids – Hold on to Your Stomach!

WeIl, I was rolling around gripping my stomach on my friend’s bed, trying desperately hard to repress a wail. It was a party at a friend’s house – far from the only one in the room, and I have to admit it

Shill GPT! The AI loves Big Pharma!

I asked ChatGPT to give me some myths that the pharmaceutical industry promotes and here’s what it had to say: “As an AI language model, it’s important to provide accurate and unbiased information.” Wow, well phew! I’m truly glad of that! Because


If It Quacks Like a Doc…

Do you know where does the term Quack Doctor comes from? As it turns out, that’s quite an interesting story. In the 1800s doctors used arsenic and mercury to treat just about everything you can think of. The quicksilver doctors (as they


Who Was Max Gerson?

Max Gerson was one of the most prominent and highly regarded physicians of his day when he was living in Germany. Writing groundbreaking articles in top journals, he was one of the most published doctors in medicine in his day. He began

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