The Real Cause of Death

In 1993 the New England Journal of Medicine came out with a very well-research report stating that 70% of our diseases are lifestyle related, and that eight of the nine leading causes of death here in America are lifestyle related.

Now, what I find interesting is that when these people die, they don’t list: “Cause of death: lifestyle.”

This report came out almost thirty years ago, so why aren’t they teaching these facts to our so-called experts? And then why do they say the cause of death is cancer, or heart disease? Why don’t they say: “Cause of Death: eating the wrong food.”? Why don’t they say “Cause of Death: Standard American Diet.” Very sad indeed.

The most obvious symptom that we are eating the wrong foods are colds and flus – but they want to tell us these are outside of out control. That’s what they’re trying to convince us of. But keep in mind – no one’s dying a cancer. No one’s died of heart disease. They’re dying of lifestyle-related problems; because that 70% number which they came up with 27 years ago should be more like 99%. The small percentage that could be attributable to genetics – that’s the lifestyle of our ancestors. So, it’s all a lifestyle. It’s all what we do; and what we’ve all got to take responsibility when it comes to this process, and realize that if someone says to you: “you’re dying of cancer,” well, what’s causing cancer?

We don’t know?

Well then, the cause of death is unknown!

It’s a lot like blaming diabetes for blindness. The number one cause of blindness in America is diabetes. The number one reason why they chop off arms and feet due to get gangrene is diabetes. So, in that sense, diabetes is what we would call the subsequent cause, but it’s not the primary cause

The question is: What caused the diabetes to begin with?

“We don’t know what causes cancer, but you died of cancer!” – No you didn’t! Half the people who died of cancer starved to death because they’re being poisoned to death by things that give us cancer. Ask a chemist what cancer is and they’re going to tell you it’s an acid burn. Chemotherapy and radiation the treatments used for cancer are going to cause cancer. That’s been proven. There are studies that prove that both of these things cause cancer, and yet what causes the vast majority of cancer most of us get is our own waste matter which is acidic. It comes out at a pH of three, which is 50,000 times hotter than our blood. Hopefully we’ll have enough bacteria inside of our lymph nodes to convert the 3 pH of 6 pH so it won’t be hot, but if the lymph systems not getting filtered, we don’t have enough bacteria in our lymph nodes and the lymph fluid pools up together and forms a tumor. If it’s 3 pH and it touches any of our normal, healthy cells it’s going to burn them – and that’s cancer!  

it’s a damaged cell – that’s all cancer is! 

So, people aren’t dying from cancer! They’re dying from their own waste matter that is burning them internally. Then they go to our so-called experts, who will give them chemotherapy and radiation and they’re going to die from the treatments. Chemotherapy was shown to be 97% ineffective in a study published in the Journal for Clinical Oncology.  

Our medical system has come out and admitted they are the third leading cause of death in America. A study done shortly after that one said that, no, 800,000 people a year were dying back then from our current medical system, making it number one!  

Then, when we look at the other top killers: cancer and heart disease; No! The cause of death is lifestyle related! It’s because of what you ate. When most of us die, it’s going to be our own fault! Most of the suffering we experience if our own fault, to a degree. We can blame society, can’t we? They attacked early when we were helpless! Long before we had the ability for critical thinking, we were already brought up into a belief system, indoctrinated into a way of life that guarantees we’re going be dying of lifestyle related choices.

I find it interesting that when you look at how our current medical system categorizes diseases, there’s one category that they call infectious diseases and then there’s that other big category non-infectious diseases. In the non-infectious disease category, virtually every one of them they say cause unknown, but on the death certificate they’re going to use one of those – the subsequent cause. Just as they say “diabetes caused your blindness,” they say, “his death was caused by a heart attack!”

If you had a heart attack or stroke then you had a blood clot, and couldn’t get any blood up to your brain. You had a plumbing problem. You’re filthy inside because the sewage system that’s supposed to clean all your cells (our lymph system) isn’t getting filtered

In case you are hearing this for the first time, our body’s two most important fluids are the blood, which is like the kitchen – it feeds it, and the lymph system, which is like the bathroom – it cleans it and protects it. The doctors don’t understand how that system works, and what happens to it when it doesn’t work. It backs up and there is the disease process, which I explain more in my video disease mysteries revealed. I also recommend my video What is the Healthiest Diet for Humans. Watch those two videos and you’ll get a really good understanding of how to get healthy.

A lot of people find this knowledge because they gave up with the system. They’ve been suffering for decades, and things kept getting worse and worse and worse until they had to look for alternative answers, and someone somehow brought this information to them, and they got healthy because now they’re obeying the laws of nature instead of violating those laws. You cannot violate the laws of health without having unhealthy consequences. It’s basic cause and effect. You die of what most people are dying of, which is lifestyle-related illnesses due to bad choices.