Bill Gates proposes fire-fighting “Global Health Emergency Corps”

Bill Gates-of-Hell recently wrote an article for the NY Times where he compares the next pandemic (which I’m sure he’s anticipating like a crackhead fiending for his next fix) to a fire that requires a well-funded (meaning the continuation of theft via taxation from billions of average working people) global fire department. A fire department that he largely controls, of course. There’s a good chance he’ll own most of the smoke detectors, the fire departments, the fire engine manufacturers, the firemen, the fire hoses, and the fire retardant being sprayed out of them. I’m sure he’ll want to censor anyone offering free information about preventative fire safety as well. Kind of like the “firemen” in Fahrenheit 451.  

He says Covid-19 was a “trillion-dollar problem”, as if he is concerned about the financial or other costs borne by average people around the world. Is he going to give back the tens of billions he and his foundation reaped from the Covid fallout? I would venture to say no. When asked if Covid vaccine makers should share the formula and production methods with poorer countries in order to give more people access to this life-saving technology, he could hardly wait for the interviewer to finish the question before dismissing such an altruistic idea with a firm and fast “No”. Mr. Monopolist was unable to hide his true nature there.

He’s worried that “we’re making ‌‌the same mistakes again”. Which mistakes were those, Bill? And who exactly is included in this “we”? We the people know that lockdowns didn’t work, masks didn’t work, and Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective. We know that HCQ, Ivermectin and Vitamin D were vilified early on, because they would have nullified the fraud that was and is the Emergency Use Authorization for these experimental injections, which Gates himself admitted are essentially useless at best. The mistakes we the people need to avoid are things like listening to pathological liars in government, mainstream media, big tech, and especially Fire Marshall Bill. We need to correct the mistakes of being consumed by fear and ostracizing those who dissent. We need to focus on our own health, our own bodies, our own families, friends, and local communities. 

Bill then goes on to stress the importance of being led by experts from the highest levels of governments all over the world. In other words, one world government. This is spelled out clearly in the Gates-funded W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty. It’s all for our protection, of course. If you oppose the end of national sovereignty or speak out against being told how to live by a corrupt bureaucrat halfway across the world, then you’re one of those kooky conspiracy theorists. You’re a fire denier!

As the saying goes – where there’s smoke, there’s fire. When it comes to the smoldering stench of psychopathy, the stank on Bill is smokier than Snoop Dogg’s tour bus. His lame analogy and euphemistic language fall miserably short of selling his thinly-veiled dystopian nightmare. We’re not interested in calling on you or your fire department to save us from anything, Bill. You can take that fire hose of yours and…well, use your imagination.