The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood

The blood is your life force. It’s designed to take essential nutrients where they are needed and remove cellular wastes from where they are not needed. Picture a vibrant, gushing river – an artery, branching into streams called veins, that become trickling capillaries. Is the blood flow nourishing your cells with nutrients and picking up cellular wastes to keep your body clean, or is it delivering poisons to your cells? Is your bloodstream a flowing river of life, or a stagnant, toxic swamp of death and disease?

Whatever you breathe will end up in the bloodstream. It could be fresh air from a forest up in the mountains or industrial fumes full of environmental contaminants. Whatever you eat ends up in the bloodstream. It could be living, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes, and seeds, or refined, processed, lifeless foods and toxic, sugar-laden drinks. Whatever you bathe in, whether its contaminated tap water or fresh spring water; and whatever you wash with – whether it’s toxic cosmetics or biodegradable, organic ones – it will all be absorbed through your skin and end up in the blood.

The intelligence of the body will try it’s best to prevent your life force from remaining contaminated as long as it can. Once your detoxification systems become overwhelmed and toxins begin to flow over into the blood, as a means of protecting itself, the blood will try to clean its contaminants out into other areas of the body.

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.”

– Leviticus 17:11

It will not begin with the vital organs, because that could threaten your life. It’s going to pick relatively non-vital places like the toes, the fingers, the wrists, the elbows, the muscles, or shoulders, and what have you. This is where you start getting your aches and pains in the joints. You start getting your mobility problems. These are the initial warning signals of toxemia.

Wherever the body chooses as a storage bin, it will pocket the toxins, and billions of cells in that area end up getting suffocated. They get so contaminated, that their usual cellular functions are impaired, and then that organ malfunctions. The rate of cellular damage far exceeds the speed of cellular repair.

If the poisons and acids and chemicals are dumped in the toe, it’s called gout. If it chooses to dump them under the knee, it’s called osteoarthritis. If the storage bin is in the elbows, it’s arthritis. If the storage bin is in the wrists, it’s carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s rheumatoid arthritis in the fingers. It’s heart disease in the heart. That’s why you could get 10 different people, line them up, and you’ll see 10 different disease labels, but the same process is happening. As I said in another article, technically, is only one disease with many symptoms.

As more toxins, chemicals, plastics and heavy metals are entering the body than the body’s sewage systems can filter out, day after day, week after week, month after month, they accumulate, and they suffocate the cells in whatever area the body decides to store them. The cells become blocked, they have a biofilm wrapped around them, and they cannot receive intelligent nutrients, so we get what are called bioavailability problems. That is when nutrients are not able to enter the cell, even if they are entering through the mouth.

You are taking your multivitamins and minerals and omegas and essential fatty acids, wondering why your condition is not improving. They’ll run a study and tell you that all supplements are hokey (and plenty of the commercial brands are) but the real problem is not the nutrients – it’s you! You can no longer absorb nutrients! Your cells are too full of toxins. It’s like trying to eat with your hand wrapped over your mouth.

The villi in the digestive tract become destroyed from years of bad diet. They are blocked and dry and covered with hard, sticky, old material that stops nutrients from being absorbed into your body through the walls of the alimentary canal. The cell can’t receive enough oxygen and water. We’re getting malabsorption problems. The junk needs to be stripped of the cell membrane so it can breathe again, first, – then it can receive nutrients. Now, you can do cellular restoration. And all the nutrients in the pills and potions and lotions and capsules and herbs come in and can be absorbed through the cell membrane.

Cellular toxicities and cellular insufficiencies always occur together, compounding in an infinite variety of combinations leading to almost all illness. If the cells are toxic, they can’t easily absorb nutrients. Plus, the body needs nutrients to detoxify itself; so, they go round and round together in a vicious circle.

This is not a situation that can simply be fixed overnight, just as it did not get created overnight, but the body can and will heal itself given enough time and the right support to do so.

If the individual understands why the body has gotten sick in the first place and how to reverse the disease process. If this is not done in the early stages, when we start to get aches and pains in the joints and extremities, then in order to prevent death by the contamination of your blood, the intelligence of the body will choose a weak link in the chain of organs as a storage site for the blood to clean itself into.

That’s when you start to get more serious, chronic conditions.