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Terrain science, also known as ‘terrain model’ and ‘terrain theory’, is the concept of treating an illness by observing the condition of the body on the cellular level.


The body is designed to naturally respond to an illness with its “built-in” detox mechanism.

The symptoms that we get from a cold are actually just ways that the body is getting rid of the unnatural and/or toxic substances in the body, whether consumed, inhaled, or injected.

Germ theory is the belief that we must be on the constant lookout for external invaders.

Due to consistently faulty, unsupported, and disproven scientific research, many holistic communities are now recognizing germ theory as a pseudoscience.

Germ theory promotes reacting to “contagion” and other dangers by suppressing the body’s natural detox mechanism with medication and other advice from allopathic doctors.

There is a growing culmination of interrelated terrain theories which range from the idea that microorganisms can contribute to disease but are secondary to sick tissue – which is required for them to incubate – right over to the idea that viruses don’t even exist! A point of view recently popularized, especially by Dr. Andrew Kaufmann and Dr. Tom Cowan.



Terrain science represents a wide range of voices from the health freedom movement, seeking to empower people to take their health into their own hands, while we engage together in the search for the truth.

We cover topics from detoxification of the body and fasting to exposing the corruption of Big Pharma to cultivating emotional wellbeing and supportive, healthy relationships.


“There is no one right way to live.”

– Daniel Quinn


TerrainScience.com is a collection of data and insight from the viewpoints of various holistic researchers, journalists, doctors, and etcetera. We do not advertise any specific diet.

We enjoy researching remedies, treatments, cures, and diets which support and strengthen the body naturally.

We are dedicated to spreading awareness of the effectiveness, and inexpensiveness, of treatments which come from our very backyard – nature.