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Below is a list of resources which include, but are not limited to, the following:

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Inquiries: Email to recommend the addition of any terrain-focused businesses to our list. We greatly appreciate your feedback as this helps us spread awareness on new ways of healing. Do YOU have a terrain-focused business? Reach out! Do it. We’d love to support you.

Disclosure: focuses on promoting natural cures, remedies, treatments, and etc. to help you attend to your own terrain. While we support the following businesses and programs on this page, we encourage you to, and highly suggest that you, conduct your own research to determine if a particular business and/or program is right for you. You are fully in control of your own health, which includes your own discernment with the information provided below. “There is no one right way to live” – as Daniel Quinn would say. Something that may be “right” for someone else may not feel “right” for you. Our hope is that you find the treatment and/or information that you are looking for.