Acidosis – A Major Cause of Disease

It is possible to have a balanced pH and still be sick, but this is very rare. If this it occurs, it could be due to emotional disturbances as there is an underlying emotional component to illness. Anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, depression,


The Seven Stages of Disease

There are seven stages of disease progression which are really just symptoms of an intelligent, body-instituted healing crisis. The early stages begin with mild symptoms of excessive tiredness while the later stages end in full-blown catastrophes where weakened organs and systems start


The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood

The blood is your life force. It’s designed to take essential nutrients where they are needed and remove cellular wastes from where they are not needed. Picture a vibrant, gushing river – an artery, branching into streams called veins, that become trickling


David Copperfield Medicine

On one extreme, we have optimal health. You generally feel good, wake up energetic, are free of aches and pains, have good nutrition, and your filtration organs are adequately coping with whatever toxins enter your body. On the other extreme, you have

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