The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood

The blood is your life force. It’s designed to take essential nutrients where they are needed and remove cellular wastes from where they are not needed. Picture a vibrant, gushing river – an artery, branching into streams called veins, that become trickling


If It Quacks Like a Doc…

Do you know where does the term Quack Doctor comes from? As it turns out, that’s quite an interesting story. In the 1800s doctors used arsenic and mercury to treat just about everything you can think of. The quicksilver doctors (as they


You’re Gonna Get Sick, Get Used to It

Zero Covid, zero disease, zero suffering, zero death. Unrealistic goals? You bet—although many countries (particularly China) have seemingly adopted a “Zero Covid” stance and have made a rather destructive effort to eliminate any occurrence of Covid-19 from their citizenry—boarding people up in

The Logic of Detox

By way of analogy, let’s compare your body to your family home. You have a kitchen in the back, and there are two trash cans in your garage which you drag out front each week for the garbage truck to drag away.