Acidosis – A Major Cause of Disease

It is possible to have a balanced pH and still be sick, but this is very rare. If this it occurs, it could be due to emotional disturbances as there is an underlying emotional component to illness. Anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, depression, prolonged stress and unforgiveness, which I call toxic emotions, are all potentially damaging to health if not dealt with.

In the early stages of acidosis, the warning symptoms are mild. They can include lethargy, skin eruptions, headaches, allergies, colds, flu and sinus problems. These symptoms are frequently treated, or, more accurately, “manipulated away”, with antibiotic drugs and suppressive methods. With continuous suppression of the warning signals of an acidic, toxic environment, the disease is driven deeper into a chronic state, and more serious symptoms will arise over time. Ultimately, acid overload is the one factor implicated in all of the major chronic diseases that people suffer and die from today. Let’s look at how.

Cancer breeds in an acidic environment.

Diabetes happens when accumulated acidic wastes coat the receptor sites of the insulin producing beta cells, preventing insulin from being synthesized or utilized.

Kidney Disease results from the bloodstream’s filter becoming overtaxed and inefficient as it struggles to deal with the acid overload. This leads to kidney stones, nephritis, uremic poisoning and bladder diseases.

Allergies can often be mitigated by balancing pH, as when the body is already overburdened in dealing with acid wastes it is more likely to have strong reactions to allergens. There is mounting evidence that many of these allergies are caused by vaccinations, and many of them only started to appear in force as of 1989 when the number of shots on the CDC vaccine schedule increased dramatically.

Obesity occurs when the diet is too acidic, because fatty acids are stored up as excess weight. According to Robert O. Young in The pH Miracle (2009), the body creates fat cells in a defensive maneuver to take acids away from your vital organs to try and protect them. If you become more alkaline your body won’t need to keep the fat anymore.

Heart Attack and Stroke are also caused by excessive fatty acids which form arterial plaques which restrict flow to the heart or brain.

Gastrointestinal disorders are linked to excess acidity.  Most stomach disorders – indigestion, nausea, bloating, gastric reflux, and ulcers – are symptoms caused by pH imbalance and excess acidity in the gastric region. The neutralizing of acid through ingestion of alkaline water, pancreatic acids, plant-based enzymes, alkaline green foods, and alkaline minerals will help to alleviate the acid-related intestinal disorders, including ulcers, without taking destructive Band-Aid agents like antacids and Ibuprofen.

More severe intestinal diseases like colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, enteritis and Crohn’s disease were all relatively rare before the use of antibiotics became widespread. In addition to that, studies conducted by Dr. Mawson (2017) and Dr. Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Thomas (2020) showed that these were far more prevalent in vaccinated than unvaccinated populations. These conditions are hard to reverse but they can be treated with a few months of persistent juicing and not overburdening the system. Most people will have to eliminate dairy, fried foods, wheat, and possibly all other gluten-containing products all together, as these tend to exacerbate symptoms.

Arthritis (inflammation of the joint) can often be relieved by changing pH as they often result from acid accumulations in the joints, which damage cartilage and coats the cells that produce the lubricating synovial fluids and bursal fluids which causes a dryness which irritates and swells the joint.

Cataracts, loss of vision, glaucoma and macular degeneration can all be caused by acid accumulation. We generally do not attribute changes in our vision to acid conditions, but, as we accumulate phosphates and urates in our cells, the cells lose more oxygen. This causes unburned sugar in the cell to bond to protein molecules, with the end result being cells and tissues that are stiff, hard and inflexible. Calcium deposits that collect on the optic nerve or the ganglia form cataracts, result in loss of vision, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. I believe these are all symptoms of the same disease pathway.

Gout is an arthritic disease resulting from an excess of uric acid crystals in the blood. It is also linked to excess acidity. It usually results from inadequate digestion of red meat, seafood, alcohol and poultry. The uric acid salts tend to deposit in the surrounding tissues of the feet, hands and toes. This causes swelling and severe pain, especially in the big toe, due to the broken-glass-like structure of the uric acid crystals. Unfortunately, the joints have limited blood circulation to carry out the acid wastes since they are at the extremity of the body, far away from the beating heart. Mainstream doctors will prescribe sufferers deadly painkillers and anti-inflammatories, which are both acidic and even more irritating to the joints, and while they may tell patients to change their diet to reverse the gout, without the missing link of understanding the role of acidity, even if the patients take the advice their recovery will be a long time coming. Fresh cherry juice (not from concentrate), an alkaline diet and increased circulation will help relieve gout symptoms by removing the uric acid.

Morning sickness is even exacerbated (or caused) by acid pH. When a woman gets pregnant, the fetus takes priority, drawing all the necessary alkaline minerals. Babies are born with the highest alkalinity. This means that while the mother is sleeping, she loses alkaline minerals, creating blood acidity. This phenomenon is called morning sickness. By eating an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline beverages morning sickness will disappear.  It’s worth noting that a lot of pregnant women all of a sudden get cravings for foods that are very unhealthy, and they think, “Oh! The baby must want a pizza!” This is very unlikely, as unborn babies do not benefit from the anti-nutrients found in unhealthy foods. What is more likely is that the body is in a desperate attempt to detox quickly for the benefit of the unborn child, and when the toxins from past consumption of wheat and cheese hit the bloodstream, it creates a memory of those foods which creates a craving for them. An alkalizing diet can mitigate symptoms of morning sickness.

* * *

In light of the above, it becomes apparent that the major underlying factor in all “disease labels” is the accumulation of acid residues in tissues and cells. If left unchecked, these acidic wastes will interrupt all life-sustaining cellular activities and functions – anything from the beating of your heart to the neuro-firing of your brain. Over-acidification interferes with life itself, leading to all sickness and the one “dis-ease” – cellular malfunction.

Acidic pH, coupled with a lack of circulation from a sedentary lifestyle, results in stagnant extra-cellular waste, triggering premature death to the cell. Once the cell membranes become coated and solidified by acidic poisons, the cells begin to spill out CO2 and lactic acid wastes, adding to an already acidic overload, severely dropping pH levels even further. The result: an irresistible food source where cell-destroying scavengers such as bacteria, viruses and parasites love to live and breed. Acid produces mucous. Mucous produces inflammation. Inflammation produces infection. Infection produces scavengers. Scavengers produce acidic waste. Acidic waste produces disease. Disease produced death!