Are you Inadvertently Poisoning yourself?


Remember this, the symptoms are the cure!

The symptoms of UTI are the body eliminating acid wastes from the body. The symptoms of a cold are the body eliminating acid wastes from the body. The symptoms of inflammation, rashes, discharge, “infection”, mucus, and pus, are all the body’s response to being poisoned/harmed. They are the body working to push out harmful substances.

If you stop the symptom with any substance, whether plant, herb, or pharma drug does not matter, you are causing tremendous harm to the body. You are stopping the body from removing a poison. You are stopping the body-created cure for fear of the symptoms created by the body to expel the poison.

Anything that stops a symptom of the body from healing or cleaning itself is poison. Stopping a cleaning symptom means you have trapped the waste inside the body. The waste is the disease. The symptom is the cure for the excess waste.

This is true for all constructive symptoms.

There are degenerative symptoms as well, like ulcers and tumors and bone deformations, which are not constructive. These are higher levels of disease. These occur when over many years we continue to stop the symptoms of colds, flus, UTI’s, etc.

Please remember this core principle. If you are stopping a constructive symptom, an expulsion symptom, then you are NEVER helping the body. It doesn’t matter if it is a pharma drug, an oil, an herb, a plant, colloidal silver, a magic potion, an eye of newt, snips, snails, and puppy dog tails. It’s all causing harm.

We do not heal by adding to the body when it is in a state of burden, we heal through subtraction – lifting that burden. We heal through the removal of the cause, not the use of herbs, potions, or other poisons. We heal through fasting. We heal by returning to the natural diet. We heal by taking away the burden, not adding to the burden.

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