The Chain Will Break at the Weakest Link

Everyone has a genetic predisposition for a weak organ or weak tissues or a weak system that is targeted when a person’s toxic threshold had been reached. It’s kind of like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. So long as the sewage systems are open and the skin, colon, bladder, nose and lungs are coping with their responsibilities, the blood remains clean. But if you’re not able to remove the toxins fast enough and the blood loads up, the slow and steady accumulation of poisons spill over into the blood. That’s when your secondary cleanup system kicks in.  The blood will say, “Hey, Liver! Hey, kidneys! Hey, skin! Hey, colon! Hey, lymphatics! You’re not doing your job fast enough! I am going to have to pick a site to dump this extra load of toxins in.”

You can line up ten people and have the same toxic load and the same elimination capabilities, but you’ll see diabetes in one, heart disease in another, cancer in the third, and another lupus in the last one. Why? It’s because wherever the poisons, the acids, and the heavy metals settle, is where they suffocate the cells. Where the cells get suffocated, they start to malfunction. Then you get symptoms to tell you. But see, it’s all the same disease. Arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are all the same disease. What’s the difference? What cells are malfunctioning. Symptoms are the only difference because the disease is still toxicities and insufficiencies to the cell. It just so happens that the weakness of each of the three individuals that contracted them are different. Osteoarthritis is in the knees, carpal tunnel is in the wrist, rheumatoid is in the fingers, arthritis, same disease. Same disease: colitis, enteritis, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome and crohn’s disease.

Everybody has a path of least resistance. That’s where the blood will choose to dump these excess toxins for safe storage in hope they’d be removed later. If you’re prone to pancreatic weakness, then you’re either going to get pancreatic cancer or diabetes. If the toxins collect in the brain, then you’re going to get Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or a dementia type disease, depending on the area. These are fancy labels that the medical profession will put on a weak link or an electromagnetic dead-zone that you are genetically predisposed from mum and dad to show the manifestations of disease in. But just because it’s “in the genes” doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. It’s only when the toxic residue supersedes the filtration systems (the mouth, nose, skin, urinary tract, and colon) that the body gets overloaded, and you get a disease.

Wherever your body is weak is where the disease is most likely to manifest first. When the cells get suffocated and damaged, they malfunction, and medical science slaps a label on you according to where the disease manifests, rather than according to the underlying cause, and says, “you’ve got so-and-so disease.” This is how every disease label known to man is invented, and it takes the mystery out of disease, which seem very confusing to treat when you think that each of over 12,000 symptoms have their own of 12,000 or more different causes.

The sets of symptoms are the screams of cells that are suffocated. When the cells are bathing in toxic sewage, they can’t respirate. They can’t breathe, so they’re going to spit out acids instead of carbon dioxide and water which are easier for the body to rid itself of. Lack of oxygen will lead to the buildup lactic acids. The pH of the cells is going to be affected because of all the sludge wrapped around them. Now you have acid pH causing more problems. They can’t receive intelligent nutrients.

If it’s happening, let’s say in the joint. The body decides to dump the poisons in the elbow. The cells in the joints produce synovial fluid or bursa fluid. Those get suffocated. They get damaged. They can’t produce the fluid. You get a dryness in the joint. What’s the next step? Chronic inflammation and pain. Inflammation is the response of your body’s tissue to irritation or injury. It can be acute, meaning developed suddenly and lasting only days or weeks, or it can be chronic, getting worse over a period months or years unless reversed.

The doctor is looking at the chronic inflammation and pain and trying to make the cellular scream go away by medicating it. That will not make the poisons that are causing it to go away, though. In fact, he is introducing more poisons into the system. He is guaranteeing that the patient will get sicker. In the future, when the body can’t dump any more poison in the joint, it will look for the next safest place to store it. That’s where the patient will get their ‘second’ disease. It’s really the same as the first disease, but it looks like a second disease to the MD who doesn’t believe that environmental toxins are stored up in the body.

If I were asked to treat the patient, I would look at the sludge in the joint. I would clean it up, get rid of all these acids and toxic residues, and load the blood with the building material for the cells in the joints. And here’s the miracle, the bone cells, the osteoclasts and osteoblasts restore, and the synovial fluid cell start producing fluid again. The inflammation pain goes away.  Not because we have repressed it, but because the very cause of the inflammation has been cleared away.

Let’s go on to the next pathway – diabetes mellitus. What I would call a beta cell malfunction. The beta cells are meant to manufacture insulin and regulate blood sugar. If the poisons and the acids settle in the pancreas, in the beta cells, and the aisles along that produce insulin get all suffocated and coded, and the receptor sites get clogged – called insulin resistance, they can’t produce insulin. Guess what you’re going to get for a symptom? High blood sugar. Or hypoglycemia, low blood sugar – depending on what’s going on at the cellular level. When the blood sugar rises, they doctors are going to try to manipulate the blood sugar with human insulin Glucophage, Glucotrol, or glipizide. What I would do is clean up the pancreas. As a naturopath, I would clean it up, scrub the receptor sites, and load the blood with chromium polynicotinate, B6, nutrients, electrolytes. The blood flows back to the open beta cells. The beta cells say: “Thank you for the proteins. Thank you for the oxygen. Thank you for the essential fatty acids. Thank you for the chromium.” Kickstart goes their engine. Then they start producing insulin. Guess what happens with the sugar levels? They drop.

If the coronaries are blocked, decreasing blood flow to your heart, you’re going to have a giant pain called angina. Have one there, and you’re going to have arrhythmia, palpitation, murmurs, eventually angina pain. If it’s in the toe – that’s going to be called gout. The uric acid crystals end up being pushed in the toe, it swells, extremely painfully, and it feels like walking on broken glass. The MDs will look at the pain and inflammation of the uric acid crystals in the toe. What I would do is clean up the toes using DMSO carriers, solvents that wash the uric acid crystals out, and use natural pain and anti-inflammatories in the naturopathic realm such as proteolytic enzyme. I would the natural capsicum from cayenne and things like that. They reduce the pain and inflammation; it buys you time until you heal.

So, again, one disease repackaged. All it is the toxins overwhelmed the sewage systems of the body, the filter systems and the colon and the skin through sweat and the urine. They lodged in a weak link in the chain of organs, the path of least resistance. They suffocate the cells and damage the cells.  The cells malfunction and give off the symptoms, headache, bloating, skin rash, dizziness, tiredness, lethargic conditions. You got to get to the cell. To get to the cell, you got to clean up the liver, clean up the kidneys, because of the filter to the blood to the cells of the body from head to toe. Clean up the colon, clean up all the heavy metals because we’re inundated with aluminum, mercury, cadmium, lead from industry fish, lodging in different areas of our body. Where they lodge and where the cell malfunctions are is they use Latin language to describe it. The label given to the disease is just the particular manifestation of combination of the particular deficiencies and toxicities acting through the unique set of genes a person has.

You fix the cell – you cure the disease. This is not taught in any university. It’s not part of the mainstream medical paradigm so you’re not going to hear it in academia. It took me 24 years to figure this out, digging in the ditches, seeing every disease label known to man. From Stage 4 cancers, to AIDS, leukemia, lupus, Guillain-Barre, myasthenia gravis; every autoimmune disease known to man, every degenerative and every metabolic disease, it’s all the same. The only difference is the cell malfunctions are different.