Flu Symptoms are Detoxification Symptoms

I don’t claim to know what causes influenza, however when looking through the literature there are a number of things that are known to cause “flu-like symptoms”, all of which occur when a person is detoxifying after exposure to poisonous or toxic substances.


Well known causes of influenza like illness include;

– Smelters chills / Monday morning fever (heavy metal toxicity / exposure)

– Dippers flu (acute pesticide exposure)

– Polymer fume fever (acute Teflon exposure)

– Caffeine withdrawal

– Organophosphate exposure

– Phenol exposure

– Smokers flu (nicotine withdrawal)

– Alcohol detoxification

– Chemotherapy

– Anti-depressant medication discontinuation

– Sick building syndrome


So we know that flu-like symptoms are associated with the detoxification process. Some people suggest that the flu is simply a “spring clean” that our body goes through to detoxify itself.