Learn to Opt-Out At Airports

Stop Consenting to Biometric Theft

Full body scanners and facial recognition in airports? Just say no. Learn to say the words “opt out.”

Recently my partner and I were traveling to the U.S. since they finally opened the border to the non-poisoned (jabbed)..aww, shucks, thanks so much! I spoke at Music and Sky in California, Confluence in Texas, and Flatoberfest in Las Vegas (and wow, Vegas. Yikes. I will have more to say about this later on).

Coercion is the name of the game. Fear tactics, manipulation, and false flags are their calling card. Why do they work so hard to gain your consent? These are all contract negotiations, as you have free will choice, so they must engineer consent to get you to comply. However, most people are in the game and not even realizing they are playing. The ignorant are the problem as they are being tricked without awareness, bringing down functional society as they complain about it. Evil will do evil things, but it’s up to us to see it and stop it. If you go to the TSA website they tell you right there that these technologies are VOLUNTARY.

This has been the new world order long game, of course. One of their main moves was the false flag known as 9/11 to bring in the unconstitutional Patriot Act which has since expired, however, the surveillance behaviours have not been halted. This is why everyone STILL takes off their shoes at airports despite there being ZERO solid evidence that shoes have security issues…because these maniacs never back down on their tyrannical rules once they are in place. You can expect that plexiglass at the supermarket to stay forever. This is their “death by a thousand cuts” and “boiling frog” method of destruction and control.

Oh, but wait, there’s more! Isn’t it annoying to have to take off your shoes? Ugh. Sucks, right? Well, guess what? As per their pattern of problem, reaction, and solution…they will come up with something so CONVENIENT for you but still keep you SAFE! How about some more millimeter-wave imaging, radar, fingerprinting, retinal scans, facial recognition checkpoints, infrared sensors, and chemical trace sensors for ya? How about we just microchip you and follow your every move? Why don’t we make you behave how we want to with a social credit system, then we know you wouldn’t put anything in the heel of your shoes and would certainly rat on anyone who wants to fight back! Then we won’t annoy you and waste your time anymore. Shiny, fancy new MODERN things. Dontcha want it? The sad thing, most cannot see through this ploy and will accept the microchipping, credit scores, and scanning to save themselves from the minor hassles made for them and in the name of “progress”. From what I saw at the airport through our travels, people just fall right into the trap, almost without any question.

They know that people won’t accept a fully surveilled, open prison, cashless society, social credit system in one fell swoop. First, you wear them down. Poison them with drugs, vaccinesfluoride, and chemical assaults so they are fat and dumb. Put addictive devices in their hands and bombard them with propagandized movies, TV, and Masonically controlled actors and musicians. Destroy the food supply, poison the water and the air, manufacture fake climate change to blame it all on the people, and then tax them to death for it.

Tell them you care about “sustainability” as per the UN 2030 Agenda and the WEF Cult while geoengineering massive storms that wipe out full cities (don’t worry, they will build back better with 15-minute SMART city enslavement camps, you’ll like being broke!). Then give them all sorts of distractions from the two-party political charade (giving them the illusion of choice when it is totally a rigged game), manufacture social disharmony, and grow up controlled opposition to divide and conquer any truth movement that appears to be getting any momentum.

Then fill them with rage from all the injustices, making everyone broke and struggling so they have no time to research and figure out the con. Slowly erase the internet so nothing of worth comes up in searches anymore and you successfully have a dumbed-down, ignorant, slave population. Perfect for megalomaniac mobster gazillionaires to have fun with so they aren’t bored and can continue to offer sacrifices to their demonic gods. It’s work for them, but it’s really not all that difficult to do, as they have mastered understanding human psychology.

How to overcome? We MUST absolutely refuse any of their increasingly creepy, crazy, totalitarian tip-toe offers and stop accepting corruption and tyranny as the “new normal”. We must stop contracting with evil.

Are you a free individual or are you a slave? Do you want a surveillance state? Do you want all of your activities and purchases tracked and traced? Then stop complying! You still do have birth rights and constitutional rights to employ. Use them! Don’t just make it easy for them to destroy mankind and all that is good. You can say no with a smile on your face. No one needs to be hostile about it. Without our support, they have nothing.

When we went through TSA in Texas and told them we wouldn’t go through the full body scanners (we have never been through one in our lives and never will) the attendant yelled out at the top of her lungs “TWO FOR OPT-OUT!”, then the next attendant yelled the same thing and so did the third one. They made us targets for all the eyes in the security line. This is a sick tactic they use to try and embarrass and shame you, so you think twice before doing it again. Before she yelled she said, “you know, they are perfectly safe, it’s just like a body photo.” Do you mean a body photo where they literally can see all your internal organs? Hmm, no thanks! In hindsight, I should have taken her name and asked her if she would accept all liabilities in case of harm. That would have made her think twice. So far, I haven’t found one long-term safety study for any of these scanners, and their usage carries serious ethical concerns as well as outright constitutional breaches.

Some attendants may harass you or act unprofessionally. Stand your ground, do not yell, stay smiling and peaceful, just repeat yourself until they comply. If they try to delay you, as happened when my partner and I were trying to leave the cesspool of sin that is Las Vegas, be patient, but if it takes too long where they are risking you missing your flight, then get their name and badge number and put them on notice. This is why it is important to have a fee schedule as these are BUSINESS transactions between your PERSON and their corporate, public entity. You have every right to charge for your time and for any damages. You may even want to carry yours with you. Here is my fee schedule if you would like a sample idea.

You can tell them you have a health concern if they need a reason, which is private information. If they ask what that is, ask them if they are a doctor. Again, they have no right to ask you or deny you.

When traveling internationally they now want to take your biometrics in the form of facial recognition imaging. I saw no one declining other than us. They are measuring your biometric details. Are we sure this information will not be going into AI databases to assist their tracking software and algorithms? Do you honestly trust them? When the attendant asked why I didn’t want to be imaged I said it was an issue of privacy. She then fell into her condescending training of just repeating what I said in a mocking manner to try and make me nervous. I just repeated myself. She then did her little programmed task and asked if I was carrying weapons, plants, seeds, pets, or funds over $10K, I declined and then went on my way.

There are many ways to trick facial recognition software that you may want to employ when entering any of their buildings. Additionally, you can overlay your online images to also fool these systems. With deep fake technology on the rise, we must take full charge of our data and biometrics to protect ourselves not only from tyranny but also from outright identity theft.

Why are we helping them to enslave us?! It’s madness! So if your passport and actual face aren’t good enough to prove who you are, then they have some explaining to do as that means their security levels are terrible…but you want to take more of my personal data with the promise that it will be kept safe!? Hahaha, wow, that’s bold. But don’t worry right? I am sure there have never been massive personal data hacks before. So much SAFE! By the way, for all those Trump lovers out there, not only did he accelerate the murderous COVID-19 vaccines with his Operation Warp Speed but he also signed an executive order in 2017 that ushered in facial recognition software in 15 major U.S. airports. Yeah, like I said, the game is rigged.

We are being bullied and socially engineered to accept this nonsense as convenient and to protect us when it is the exact opposite. Be brave and stand up for yourself before those rights are long gone. It is empowering and strengthening to stand tall within your rights, don’t let them demoralize you and make you into a slave. You are of God, start acting like it.

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