“World War 3” – the Parasite

You say that you contracted a parasite. 

You think it may have come from your partner, your sibling, your child, the neighbor’s cat, or just “something from the ground”. 

You claim that everyone else has it too – but they don’t know it like you do.

Your skin itches, you feel irritated. You start getting rashes. You pick at what might be there. You start to lose daily sleep. You barely have energy to last throughout the day, let alone stay awake.


All the while, you find yourself lashing out to others more often. You constantly feel like you’re on your last nerve. At any moment, your patience can pop like a balloon.

Just thinking about this illness shakes your sense of safety. The fear begins to creep in. “Oh no! Something from the outside infected me! They’re parasites! It’s the oriental rat flea!” 

Who gave it to you? It could be anyone…

“Due to my illness, I can’t be productive. I can’t reach my highest potential.

This is so burdensome! Maybe I should apply for disability.

Why is it always me?

You’ve been to multiple doctors, but haven’t gotten a satisfying answer. You find yourself running around in circles with them just to receive no known cure. “These doctors are just pretentious and don’t take me seriously.”

Until a cure is found, you buy product after product after product to counterattack the disease. Nothing seems to work. Maybe the next product will cure it. “But until I’m cured, I’m practically immobile.” And you resent being like this.


People don’t seem to support, or even believe, you. They treat you like you’re the little boy crying wolf. But how come they’re not scared? They could be the ones spreading it! 

Your own family may be carriers. Every animal is now posed as a threat. Anyone or anything can transmit something invisible to you. And you have no control over it.

How scary that must be – that the threat is seemingly everywhere.

People must think that you’re making up the illness just to escape having to work. Or that you’re going crazy. Or both. It may have even turned into an obsession for you.

This fear of parasites has now diseased your mind.



Have you possibly considered that maybe you’re feeding these “parasites”?


“It wasn’t me who invited these parasites in! Someone gave it to me!”

Why, then, would these parasites choose your body as their home?


  • You’re having multiple meals per day full of sugar, processed foods, factory breads, etc. 
  • You don’t exercise. 
  • You put unnatural chemicals on your skin to kill these parasites. The largest organ of your body is now a sponge for toxicity.
  • You get less than a day’s worth of sleep, every day. 
  • You take high doses of supplements and other drugs to compensate for your body’s deficiencies. 
  • You eat inflammatory foods.
  • You don’t drink enough water, or the water that you drink carries over two thousand toxins absorbed from a single plastic water bottle.
  • You have unhealed childhood trauma. After all, fear is the biggest factor of disease.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So it shouldn’t be that hard to eat an apple, right?


Maybe, the parasites that live in your body are due to your own toxic lifestyle.

Maybe, they’re born from your internal toxicity. 

Maybe, the parasite is you.


But, guess what?

That’s a good thing!

It’s better that you know that it’s you rather than believing in some external, unknown invader of which the doctors cannot find a cure.

Also – now that you know that it’s you, then you can actually do something about it. You can take the problem into your own hands. You can solve your own problem.

Healthy foods, clean water, exercise, sunlight, juice cleansing, contacting your local holistic practitioner, the list goes on. Yes, there is hope outside of the allopathic medical Ferris wheel.


And, let’s really think about the issue… 

If the parasites did come from the outside – how can you continue to live in fear of your external environment? Would you live in fear for the rest of your life? Would you continue to limit your potential until your time comes – over a disease that you believed that you had no control over to begin with? That doesn’t sound like a self-fulfilling life.

I wish I could have done…” (insert incomplete dream) “…before I became immobile and wasted my life away crippled by this illness.”


So, what is the best way to battling parasites? 


Make your body a healthy space to live in.

Parasites don’t dwell in healthy homes.

Become your own healthy home.