Don’t Become A Victim Of The Cancer Conspiracy!

By Gary Tunsky

Every minute of every day someone dies of cancer in the United States. Ten thousand Americans die from this dreaded disease every week, month after month, year after year. Compare this ongoing slaughter to at least four 747 plane crashes killing everyone on board, 365 days a year, and never being reported in the mainstream media.

If there were a military general who sent a command to overtake a city and in the process of winning the battle lost ten thousand soldiers, then a week later he lost ten thousand more soldiers, and this went on week after week, it wouldn’t require a military genius to realize that a month later, or a year later, or even ten years later the so-called “victory” for that city would be viewed as a total defeat. Any general who would do this knowingly and repeatedly would soon be relieved of duty and court-martialed.

Similarly, a government bureaucrat who loses ten thousand cancer patients this week, and ten thousand next week, and forty thousand next month while ignoring proven, non-toxic cancer cures and playing medical politics should be tried for crimes against humanity. It is a blasphemous crime!

The disturbing fact is that the American people have been told a series of outright lies, half-truths and evasive disinformation in regards to the subject of cancer. Legitimate, scientifically proven, natural, non-toxic curing agents for cancer and other diseases were discovered well over sixty years ago, but largely ignored or suppressed by medical interests while the mainstream media keeps their heads buried in the sand allowing inhumane crimes to go on for decades.

If you believe the propaganda that has been shoved down your throat since childhood that cancer cures are just around the corner, I have some pristine ocean-front property to sell you in Arizona. The cancer industry has no intention of curing cancer. Cancer represents a colossal financial enterprise as long as there is no cure. Do you think an industry that profits tremendously from sickness and disease and hides behind the umbrella of public health is going to relinquish the power they wield over mankind? NEVER!!! Too much money and control is at stake. Meanwhile, your health and well-being sit in the balance.

False Hopes And Promises
The scientific community dangles bait in front of the public promising magic bullet cures and claims that with just a little bit more time and money, the mystery to every disease known to man will be solved. You will notice every year science will tout and promote promising cures in genetic engineering or exotic chemo drugs and then fade off the scene within six months, never to be heard of again. They’ve had billions of dollars in grant money and fifty years of time and still no cures for any disease. These deceptive claims provide just enough hope to pacify the ignorant masses by making us think that someday they’ll discover a magic bullet cure by finding the defective gene through genetic engineering.

The proof is in the pudding. In the 20th century alone we have had access to the most brilliant medical minds, advanced space-age technology such as four dimensional PET Scans, ultrasonic probes, electron-scintillation cell counters, micro processor life support systems, scoping devices and death defying heart transplants that dazzle the human mind, yet there still isn’t a cure for cancer or the common cold, for that matter. Unfortunately, most people put their trust in the medical establishment’s fancy diagnostic devices with mesmerizing bells and whistles, priest-like white coats, stethoscopes and surgical masks, but never come to grips with the fact that their treatments are still as primitive as the 1950s. You mean to tell me that the best medical science has to offer is destructive and toxic pharmaceuticals, mustard gas derivatives labeled chemotherapy and cobalt radiation, all of which cause cancer? This is your wake-up call folks! They tell you to stay 100 miles away from an atomic bomb and nuclear detonations but they stick deadly radiation and chemo agents directly into your bloodstream and call it cancer treatment. The least that they can do is flush out the lethal poisonous radiation and chemo byproducts after they poison your blood with them.

Cancer Is Big Business
The field of U.S. cancer care is organized around a medical monopoly that ensures a continuous flow of money to the hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology firms, research institutes and government front agencies that pretend to protect the public’s best interest. The power structure of the American cancer cartel would be threatened and a carefully constructed sick care business would go down the tubes if alternative treatments were allowed in mainstream medicine. You can’t bill or patent
health care, only sick care. So their incentive is to perpetrate sickness and a sick care industry, not a health care industry.

The truth is, cancer will never be cured in mainstream medicine as long as there is the current medical structure consisting of scientists, doctors, researchers, government health officials, media, elected representatives and senators. They are put in place to prevent individualized, alternative, non-patentable approaches from getting any kind of foot-hold in the monopolized world of drug, cut, burn and poison cancer treatments.

Money leads politics by the nose. Unfortunately, as a result, cancer is modern medicine’s biggest business. To the cancer establishment, cancer patients are a multi-billion dollar profit center. We have a political cancer industry that’s based solely on economic interests masquerading as proven therapeutic regimens for reversing cancer, which are a total and complete deception. If swallowed hook, line and sinker, it can cost the lives of both you and your loved ones. It’s common sense that the only permanent way to cure cancer is to establish health within the patient’s body and immune system. You can’t poison and radiate an already weakened patient into health. What do you think is making these patients vomit and lose their hair? It’s not the cancer that is destroying the hair follicles and making the patients look like death warmed over. The truth is, cancer victims are dying of the treatments being used, not the cancer.

Conventional cancer treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and risky surgery are only in place as the law of the land because they pay, not heal the best. Chemotherapy agents are manufactured in mass quantity for pennies on the dollar and billed to insurance companies for $1800 for four I.U. (international units) vials. That’s over a 10,000% profit margin. A virulent effort by orthodox mainstream medicine and controlled scientific forces, aided by government bureaucrats and mysterious private interest groups continues to suppress what could have clearly benefited millions and millions of people that died of
cancer since the 1930s. We are threatened by an invisible medical tyranny as dangerous and evil as those brought on by Hitler and Stalin. Their planned agenda is to eventually own and completely monopolize a disease – CANCER – as if it were some sort of commodity. By crushing all competition (all alternative medicine compounds), they can establish a marketplace monopoly just like Bill Gates with his computer software.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Since when has the American Medical Association (AMA) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ever approved a new pharmaceutical drug that didn’t have side effects that were worse than the disease being treated? We have an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is doing nothing to clean up the 50,000 plus poisonous cancer-causing substances that are dumped into our waters and atmosphere daily, causing massive sickness and death that could have been prevented. Where are the smoke stack screens on industrial incinerators? They allow toxic sewage and industrial waste in our waters, and then treat it with more cancer causing chemicals like fluoride. Why don’t they filter it before giving it to an unsuspecting public? The only thing the EPA is protecting is their pocket books at the expense of human lives.

We often hear about weapons of mass destruction consisting of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. We all fear that in the wrong hands, they can kill millions of people overnight. However, the world has overlooked the real weapons of mass destruction that are killing more people each year than any nuclear, biological or chemical weapon ever has in the act of war. I’m referring to toxic pharmaceuticals, harmful radiation, poisonous chemotherapy and risky surgical procedures originating from their “when in doubt, cut it out” mentality of modern medicine. In combined total, there are over three million deaths per year in the United States alone from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a whole array of degenerative and metabolic disorders. That’s a holocaust in and of itself that’s not even reported in the mainstream media.

Do these statements sound shocking? They should. The fact of the matter is a silent genocide is taking place behind closed doors in hospitals, doctors offices and cancer treatment centers throughout the country with barbaric and destructive methods of drug, cut, burn and poison treatment methods in their so-called “War on Cancer.” They call this sound science.

Until this self-serving evil agenda is stopped, the pursuit of greed and control will continue to actively suppress natural, breakthrough, simple-to-use, non-toxic therapies. Sweeping these terrible misdeeds under the carpet enables the same kind of dirty medical politics to happen again and again. If there were ever an organization that deserves a Congressional investigation for dishonesty and fraud it’s the American Medical Association.

Deliberate Manipulation Of Statistics
What’s really disturbing is that the medical establishment uses a statistical manipulation ploy to get potential cancer victims to believe the smoke-and-mirror success rates of mainstream oncology. For example, M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas brags of a combined overall success rate of 42% remission with their cancer patients. This illusionary tactic is accomplished by instituting a 5-year survival rate. This means that immediately upon diagnosis, they have a 5-year yardstick to get you to a statistical cure. It doesn’t matter if you die of cancer one day after the 5-year mark, you are still considered among the cases cured.

Since technological advancements in diagnostic tests have improved to obtain earlier detection, mammography, CAT Scans and MRI’s are catching cancer mutations in early Stage I, which gives them a head start on their chemo and radiation treatments. This gives them a longer time span to drain more of your finances as they slowly put you in the grave.

For instance, consider the woman whose breast cancer is diagnosed an average of 3 years earlier because of mammography; today she might live for 7 years. In 1985, using the older diagnostic tools, this same woman would have appeared to live only 4 years. Nothing has changed in terms of effectiveness of conventional therapy. So because most cancer patients can last the 5 years of slow poisoning with chemo and radiation, the true statistics of cure rates lie within the period of 6-10 years. Cancer victims are dying in the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th years. These statistics resemble more of a cancer holocaust – 6% survival, not 42%. That means 94 out of 100 patients eventually die of chemo and radiation within a 10-year period. The success exists only on paper. Nobody in their right mind would play Russian Roulette with their lives, or the lives of their loved ones, with this kind of pitiful success rate.

Hippocratic Hypocrisy
All medical doctors begin practice by signing a Hippocratic oath stating above all: “Do no harm and let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” This emphasizes using more non-toxic, less invasive therapies and saving the riskier, more invasive therapies for last. Unfortunately, the first thing out of every physician’s toolbox is a script pad and surgical knife. The truth is, there is no Hippocratic pecking order in Westernized medicine, only a “hypocritical oath” that first does harm. The only tools of treatment they are taught in medical school are the drug, cut, burn and poison methods of pharmaceuticals, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, which all manifest deadly side effects worse than the disease being treated. Look at the lethal side effects and contraindications on every drug label and tell me that’s sound science that follows the Hypocratic Oath which first states “do no harm.”

Deadly Deceptions
If you look at the emaciated state of an Auschwitz camp victim and compare it to a cancer victim curled up in a fetal position dwindled down to 70 lbs ready for the grave, there’s very little difference. If you remember history prior to WWII, a German dictator named Hitler was able to coerce millions of innocent men, women and children to walk into gas chambers without putting up a fight. How do you get hordes of unsuspecting people to go to their death without putting up a fight? You use deception – that’s how!
Under the guise of public health. Disinfection! “We need to spray you down for lice and disease-causing organisms.” What do you think M.D. Anderson and Sloan and Kettering cancer treatment centers are? They’re both death camps under the same guise – PUBLIC HEALTH! Disinfection of cancer cells. With their kill mode mindset, they kill the cancer while slowly killing you. The only difference is the chemo gas is administered directly into the veins behind closed doors at hospitals and cancer treatment centers under the guise of cancer research.

So, as the AMA’s murderous history becomes well known, doctors who continue to live in the AMA tent must be viewed as something akin to German doctors in the concentration camps during the Nazi era. A harsh judgment, but appropriate given the millions who have died because of AMA policy, deceit, criminal acts, and especially the organized suppression of the effective cures for cancer.

Chemotherapy Is A Mustard Gas Derivative
So what exactly is the chemistry of chemotherapy agents? Mustard gas derivatives of the same poisons used to kill victims in WWI. By 1930, a German based multi-national corporation called I.G. Farben, controlled nearly the entire German drug and chemical industries that produced synthetic fuels from coal, a process called hydrogenation. Where do you think your artery-clogging hydrogenated oils and fats come from? I.G. Farben actually controlled the Nazi State, and brought Hitler to power from being an unknown painter. Farben operated many of the concentration camps, including those with free slave labor, in order to manufacture synthetic oil for the Farben chemical combine industry (the manufacturer of Zyklon B nerve gas and mustard gas derivatives). Hitler’s goal was to create a master race (get rid of the weak gene pool) while creating a New World Order. What do you think is happening today? The same thing – they want to create a master race. Get rid of the weak (cancer & AIDS victims), or “bad genes” and brainwash patients into believing they’re being treated for cancer and AIDS with the same gas that Hitler used. They are using brainwashed doctors and nurses to administer the gas. While the patients are being slowly poisoned to death, they profit about $100,000 per patient, while at the same time maintaining population control. You create a problem – perpetuate a cancer epidemic, then offer the solution! “Come to us for your chemo (mustard gas) and radiation treatments (which cause cancer) and if you’re lucky enough to live through it, we want you in our master race, you’ve got strong genes!”

The Shocking Facts Of AZT and Other Chemo Agents
For those readers who are still blinded by the counter intelligence propaganda, try reading the label of AZT, an HIV drug from Burroughs Welcome that was initially used in the 1960’s as a chemotherapy agent but put back on the shelf and abandoned because of its severe toxicity. The label has a skull and crossbones printed right on it! It reads: [TOXIC. Toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed. Target organ(s): Blood bone marrow. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice. (Show the label where possible.) Wear suitable protective clothing.] Sadly, the label is never seen by nurses, patients or doctors.

People are sick and tired because they’re rotting inside from the ingestion of sugars, fast foods, lifeless drinks and refined, processed, foodless foods.

The radiologists and oncologists who administer radiation and AZT death serum wear full mop gear and protective clothing. And they are injecting this into the bloodstream of an AIDS patient who has no immune system! AZT destroys all cells including T-cells, B-cells and red blood cells that carry life giving oxygen. All of the new antiviral drugs (DDL, D4T, 3TC, and DDC) are modeled after AZT, under the guise of AIDS treatment. Cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation are no different! Why is Magic Johnson showing no signs of AIDS symptoms after a decade of being diagnosed with HIV? Because he did not have conventional treatments.

Here’s something to think about. All drugs are well-recognized as toxic, harmful and congestive when you are well. No healthy person in their right mind would take them. But they are suddenly seen as helpful in healing when the body is suffering from an acute or chronic illness like cancer, which is due to ingestion of toxic substances in the first place! Would any of you receive chemotherapy or radiation when you’re healthy to prevent cancer? Then how can you expect it to cure cancer, when you have cancer? Would any of you ingest AZT to prevent AIDS? AZT will actually cause a healthy person to get AIDS. Then why would you ever take chemotherapy, radiation or AZT when you are weak, sick and diseased, with no immune system? How can you cure an immune deficiency disease with a poisonous substance — more toxic than cyanide — that destroys the immune system? It’s time to remove the spiritual blinders that are keeping you in the dark and preventing you from seeing the truth. To destroy trillions of healthy cells and your immune system just to get to a billion-cell tumor is analogous to getting a mouse in your basement with explosives. Instead of setting a mousetrap to isolate the mouse, you choose to ignite two sticks of dynamite and blow up the whole house — including your back yard — to insure getting the mouse. In other words, they kill the body to kill the cancer. If the cancer doesn’t kill you, the treatment will.

Cancer Treatments Actually Cause Cancer
It’s ironic that mainstream medicine’s treatment solutions of chemotherapy and radiation cause the very disease they are meant to treat! Often, the secondary tumors brought on by the DNA damage to healthy tissue causes the fatal blow to the patient. How can any oncologist not see that if you destroy the patient’s immune system and vital organs that are crucial to fight and destroy the cancer from the inside, it’s inevitable that the weakened state of an already diseased patient will eventually breed another tumor more deadly than the first? Not to mention that if one cancer cell is still left remaining after the tumor removal or radiation treatment, that one cell often will incubate through exponential growth into another tumor because the original condition of the patient’s cellular environment has not changed. The patient still has a dirty kitchen environment for cancer growth. If you leave dishes in the sink and breadcrumbs on the floor, while neglecting to clean your kitchen counters, out of nowhere you will witness cockroaches,
ants and other scavengers infiltrating your house. They are there for a reason. To clean up your mess! They seek their own environment. The same is true for tumor formations. They trigger the immune system to clean up the defective cell mess. When you have cancer, your whole body needs a massive overhaul. Nearly every single organ is run down and toxic. The problem is not the tumor – it’s the patient. You treat the patient, not the tumor.

A perfect home experiment to exemplify cancer growth in a human body is to leave some cream cheese out on a plate for a day. You’ll soon witness the formation of green mold growing on the corners. If you cut the mold off, the next day you will find more in the form of green spots. The mold is living off the dying cheese and at some point the mold will take over the cheese.

The same is true for cancer. The internal cellular environment of the cancer patient sets up a food source to ensure continued growth of cancer cells. If you cut the tumor out and do nothing to change the patient’s cellular environment to a healthy state, the cancer grows back just like mold and mildew. The cancer is living off the diseased patient and at some point the cancer will take over the patient’s body. Remember, cancer seeks its own habitat just like mold seeks dying cheese. Why would you administer a treatment that causes cancer to treat cancer?

Rotting From The Inside Out
People are sick and tired because they’re rotting inside from the ingestion of sugars, fast foods, lifeless drinks and refined, processed, foodless foods. Through an acidic environment, our bodies become infested with certain bugs that actually feed off of us. They cause damage to tissues, cells and organs, setting up shop for viruses, fungus and cancer. These microscopic beasts get their energy from the very nutrients our healthy cells utilize for fuel (glucose). They grow and multiply by eating our body’s nutrients. Then they poison us more with their toxic waste – a classic example of biting the hand that feeds you. It is the malnutrition and poisonous by-products involved in the cancer process that make you sick.

The only way to reverse cancer and keep it from coming back is to overcome the cancerous cells by establishing overall health to the patient’s organs, cells and immune system. Health and cancer cannot co-exist any more than light and darkness.

Treat the Patient, Not The Symptom
The only way to reverse cancer and keep it from coming back is to overcome the cancerous cells by establishing overall health to the patient’s organs, cells and immune system. Health and cancer cannot co-exist any more than light and darkness. Health dominates all disease. What in medicine’s toolbox can establish health to the patient? The answer is: absolutely nothing! No drug, no vaccine, no gene splice, no treatment in Westernized medicine is able to establish health and vitality because only nutrient building blocks are able to repair cellular damage. Everything medicine has to offer (toxic pharmaceuticals, poisonous chemo, lethal radiation and cutting out body parts) is destructive, not constructive. All unnecessary cancer treatments – especially cutting out body parts, are a blasphemy to God’s creation. They poison the blood and the temple of the Holy Spirit and destroy life force.

It’s about time to allow the outside experts of alternative medicine their chance in vital areas of science and medicine. Allow them to direct a paradigm shift of getting to the cause of cancer, instead of masking the symptoms of cancer. The tumor is a side-effect of cancer, which is a metabolic disease from head to toe. The so-called “medically credentialed” experts who hide behind their degrees are ignorantly looking for some quick fix, magic bullet treatment, when cancer is a multi-factor disease. As long as they continue to look at an elephant under a microscope, in the direction of stronger chemo agents, or fancier surgical procedures they will continue to fail. There is no treatment modality in medicine that addresses the true factors of cancer, only tumor removal strategies.

Research into tumor removal has failed simply because it is based on false premises. Tumor removal should cure the patient if that were the answer. Yet, 60 years of tumor removal techniques to kill tumors has not changed the biological outcome of a cancer epidemic that continues to rise. In 1930, 1 out 3,000 people contracted cancer. Today, 1 out of 3 will contract cancer. What’s wrong with this picture? If you are going in the wrong direction in a Volkswagen and technology advancements are able to triple the horsepower to a Ferrari, if you don’t change directions, guess what? You’re only going faster in the wrong direction. Cancer research is doing just that. So the six million dollar question is – does good science exist showing scientifically proven methods that are nondrug, non-surgery, non-chemo and non-radiation cures for cancer? The answer is yes, a reassuring yes! But all such treatments are outside the realm of mainstream Westernized medicine.

Alternative Ways To Treat Cancer
There are several ways to prevent, treat and even reverse cancer with non-toxic effective protocols that destroy tumor cells without touching healthy tissue or destroying the immune system. Because cancer is a living, anaerobic microorganism, the exact opposite of a healthy aerobic cell, cancer cells can be suffocated by oxygen, electrocuted by electromagnetic frequencies, disrupted by sound vibration, melted by heat through hyperthermia, starved to death by shutting off the blood supply to the tumor site, and stifled by re-establishing a healthy cellular terrain, by changing pH (from acid to alkaline), and increasing nutrient levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids (EFA’s), vitamins, minerals, living enzymes and high chlorophyll phyto-nutrients. When these methods are employed, cancer cells will fall apart, turn necrotic and die. The removal of the dead tumor components through the elimination routes, via colon, skin, urine and respiratory system, is just as important as killing the tumors. Toxic tumor by-products can be fatal if left inside the body.

Instead of an all-out war against the tumors —what I call the “kill mode” mind-set, kill cancer with chemo, kill it with radiation, kill it with drugs — we win the war from the inside out. We change the cellular environment and the immune system to a healthy state where cancer can’t grow.