“The Revolutionary Field of Cytopathy”

Dr. Gary Tunsky 02/2012

I am really excited, privileged and honored to bring you a higher level of understanding as to what really constitutes disease, its common denominators and its many facets. Dis-ease, which a lot of people call disease and its 12,000 “labels” have been portrayed as a sophisticated mystery by mainstream medicine.
Given enough research money and enough time, they will somehow solve this mystery. We all know that they have had sixty years of time and hundreds of billions of dollars in research money, and they still are no closer to a cure than they were from the 1950s for anything, including the common cold, for that matter.

I am going to take the mystery and complexity out of understanding all disease labels by bringing an ocean of clarity from a world of confusion. If you ask one doctor what causes disease you will likely hear “immune system weakness”. If you ask another expert and you will hear that it is “nutritional deficiencies”.
If you ask another one it is “pH acidity”; another one you will find them saying no it is “infectious disease”; the germs, the bacteria, and the worms and the viral infections are causing it. Another one would say it is “chronic inflammation”; another would say it is “blood flow problems”. So, you know, I have to ask the science, which one is it?

I am trying to raise the bar that there is not just one component to disease epidemiology. It is a combination of many facets that affect the building blocks, the nuts and bolts, the bricks and mortar of human composition…which is cells. Cells form tissues, tissues form the organs, the organs form the systems like your endocrine system, your neurological system and your immune systems. And then the systems form the body organisms. So, in the hierarchy of power we have to go back to the building blocks, the scaffolding or the matrix of the body which is 243 different types of cells and find out what would cause these cells to malfunction and what would affect the factors of disease process. I’m going to bring you into the Creation Room called the Womb later on to show you the conception of the intelligence of our Creator of how the human body is created and how the intelligence behind the molecular machine actually forms the human and we’ll build from there.

The revolutionary field of true science will change the way we view diseases. This uncharted scientific field of study has been coined the field of “Cytopathy”. Cyto means cells, and pathy means the study of cellular disease. With absolutely no formal training in the study of cytopathy or the study of cellular disease, the MDs, nurses in academia sciences couldn’t possibly understand the factors of the common denominators and underlying root conditions of any disease label. With the false understanding that symptoms are the disease, they are molded by pharmaceutical controlled education as what I call “Symptomologists”. They drug, they cut, they burn, and they poison symptoms, as opposed to getting to the root cause of the cellular diseases.

The simple outside-the-box understanding of one disease….cellular malfunction…or what I call CFD, Cellular Functional Disorders, is really caused by two factors. As simple as this is, it is caused by compounding toxicities around the cell, and this is coupled and paralleled with multiple insufficiencies to the cell. And this also explains why there are 12,000 different disease labels that medical doctors invasively treat with lethal vaccines, poisonous pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation and even risky surgery. So it is really simple. When massive amounts of cells malfunction, you malfunction as a whole. The human body composition is real simple the unified theory…or the what I call the gut theory…Grand Unified Theory….every cell needs water; every cell needs oxygen, every cell needs amino acids as building blocks for the structures of the cell; and every cell needs carbohydrates or starches for fuel as glucose. Every single cell…it doesn’t matter if it is a heart cell, liver cell, kidney cell, blood cell, bone cell, every one of them needs a synergistic factory of nutritional building blocks that comes from food, the atmosphere and from the soil or nature, as organic living chemistry not dead synthetic inorganic chemistry.

The cells also need antioxidants. They need essential fatty acids that build the membranes. So when I ask these MDs when I met them, you know, to name just one drug on the market of the 10,000+ pharmaceutical compounds as to what building materials are in these drugs that a human cell can receive as an intelligent nutrient as a building block for human cell health. The question would be to an MD, name one drug that has water in it; name one drug that has oxygen in it; name one drug that has amino acids building blocks in it; name one drug that has the fuel of glucose in it or essential fatty acids or photon light from the sun or chlorophyll or even what I call pro-oxidants, or glycol-sugars and glycol-lipids. The answer to those questions is that there is not one drug, not one, including aspirin, or even over the counter meds, that has any building material to fix a sick cell.

So, we have to ask ourselves: what do these pharmaceuticals do if they are not creating cell health. And, it is called “manipulation of the cell process”. They definitely can knock out the warning signal, or the symptom of cellular screams, or cries of cell malfunction, but they cannot create a healthy cell condition. So the manipulation of the symptoms is wiping out the cellular screams or the cries or the warning signals of disease, but it never can fix the disease. That is their biggest gap of misunderstanding. You cannot wipe out symptoms and warning signals of illness without creating more illness. That is the problem out there.
Everything they use is creating more contraindications and more side effects…which I call direct
effects…from the synthetic chemicals. Thus, creating more cellular disease.

So, it is simple. If we take a “cell-ivision” journey into the intricate microscopic inner world of the cell, it will reveal insights into the mysteries of life itself. Scriptures tell you that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the Book of Psalms: marvelous are thy works. A lot of the Christian community and Believers in our Creator are ignorant to the fact of really how this human biological machine ticks. It just doesn’t tick on physical aspects. We do have obviously the visual skin, bone, blood, tissue matrix that we can see with the human eye. But, the reality is that we are spirit. We have a soul that lives in a temple body as a vehicle to carry the invisible spirit and soul. Our spirit is linked to our Creator and that is where we get our wisdom (from I call it “wise or dummer”: wisdom) from when we tap into the information that our Creator gives us; and receive it, and actually metabolize it in the spirit of man to get it in our hearts.

And, then we have the soul realm which is your intellect, your behavior, the molding of circumstances and things that you have watched or listened to or read throughout your life. They have molded your personality, your will, your drive or the understanding that you get. And then the physical side of man is the factor of the fragmented data or facts that you pick up with your eyes, your ears, or what you learn that is more fragmented data, compiled data. As opposed to taking that and being more wise, the field of disease process or the field of cytopathy is hidden from academia to the point where they don’t understand the wisdom involved in the human body and how it functions and they’re neglecting the spirit of man, and neglecting the soul of man. They’re looking at it as though we can’t see it, we can’t touch it, we can’t see it in pathology, or hear it in our stethoscopes, and so it is not there; as an atheistic view.

So, we have to also learn that the spirit of man is more powerful than the physical and it overrides the human cell. If we have sin in the spirit, which is what I call spiritual toxins, we have to release that sin through the blood of our Savior, Yahshua (aka Jesus Christ). We have toxins in our souls, which have to be detoxified or released. Then that is your toxic emotions of anger and bitterness, resentment, even unforgiveness, stress, phobias, worries, anxieties that literally manifest physical illness; when everybody that we know can get cancer or have ulcers from the unseen factors of spiritual toxins and emotional toxins. Now, how does a physical tumor or bleeding ulcer happen physically in the unseen world? That is what we are getting into deep and delving into what constitutes the disease process and how the cells malfunction.

So, this is very interesting that the awe-inspiring complex universe of the living cell parallels us in many many ways. If we look at us as a whole, as a macro scale, and we look at the miniature cells as a mini micro scale, we as an individual have skin, cells have skin, and it is a thin membrane. We have organs, cells have organelles, and these are mini organs. If you look at the inside of a cell, it is not just a blob of protoplasm that is unintelligent, it is a mini universe and it is very complex and intricate. We have a skeleton, cells have cytoskeleton; not talking bone structure made out of calcium, but it literally has a structure inside that is a skeletal structure that keeps it expanded so it doesn’t collapse.

We have a brain, cells have a brain and it is called “phospholipids membrane”. The membrane of the cell unlike what we are told from mainstream biology is the brain of the cell that transfers information from the outside world to the inside world of the cell which is the DNA. It is not the nucleus that we are told is the brain of the cell. They have actually done a process that is called “denucleation”, where they have gutted the nucleus. They found that the cell still lived! The only thing that happened was that they cells couldn’t split and divide and create daughter cells. But, by removing the nucleus the cell still lived as long as it had the nutritional medium. This tells that the nucleus is not the brain of the cell, it is the cell membrane that is the brain of the cell.

We drink water, cells drink water. We breathe oxygen and respirate, and cells breathe oxygen and respirate. We eliminate waste, we have waste removal components, and cells eliminate waste as long as they are not caked up and coated. We ingest nutrients from twelve different categories, and cells absorb nutrients. We communicate through diverse languages, you know we use Polish, German, English and Spanish…but the cells communicate in their language which is neurotransmitter language. Some are hormonal languages, some are neuropeptide language, and some communicate on photon light from the sun. We have an immune system, overall the cells have a cellular immunity called cytotoxic t-cells immunity. So, it is very interesting that we parallel us as an individual. And the big picture also is that we as citizens parallel a lot of the cellular engines that form the body. We know we have 100 trillion-plus cells that form the body and 243 different types. But, we as individuals form a community throughout the world and we all have a purpose to do, just like every cell has its purpose to do. A cell either manufactures hormones, or manufactures energy, ATP, or they process toxins; or the cells release a peptide or manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters. We have jobs in our life that we do as a purpose that we’re purposed to do and so there is a lot of correlations with that.

So, let’s begin our journey or cellivision journey by taking you on a tour inside the creation room science calls the womb. The spark of life originates with two living cells, the male sperm cell merging with the female egg cell. This Divine pairing births a single cell called the zygote with the information to create a whole human body inside that one cell. This immediately copies itself into two embryonic…what is called….precursor cells which splits and clones themselves into four embryonic stem cells, then to eight, sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four, 128, 256, 512 and 1,024 and so forth with continuous exponential doubling to over a billion embryonic stem cells within two weeks of gestation. It kind of looks like a raspberry the size of a raspberry cluster. These billion cells remember they are all what is called embryonic stem cells and they all are what is called “pluripotent”, meaning they can crack off and divide to any cell they want to and morph into becoming any one of the 243 different cell types.

So, we have to ask ourselves, where is the intelligence behind the molecular machines that actually tell these cells that you are a liver cell, a kidney cell, heart cell, or brain cell. And, actually know how to form the organs…it is called differentiate…and form the mandible, spinal cord, brain and heart without the brain physically telling them what to do because the brain is not formed until the tenth week of gestation. So, there is obviously an intelligence of divine…a release of information that is telling these molecular machines what they are and what to form without the physical brain linked to them.

Once the child is complete after nine months of gestation, these stem cells lay dormant to be used in the future for healing injuries. So up until now they have studied the embryonic stem cells coming from embryos and dead tissue from children, but they have learned that the adult pluripotent stem cell therapies are actually the answer to reversing disease. They come from you. They don’t come from a monkey, or a horse, a calf or something foreign or not even another child that is not yours. The body will gear up to reject anything that you stick in this body that is foreign, including embryonic stem cells. That is the reason they have had trouble with rejection even on the implants of the embryonics.

The adult pluripotent research has been crushed by the medical research community because of the money they have put into embryonic research. This is the answer for future healing…to extract these stem cells that your body manufactures for healing from the hip, the iliac crest of the hip. And then they are stored in fat tissue and so forth. Science has found a way to extract these and actually put them into Petri dishes and grow more with growth factors, and then literally implant them into the heart, kidneys, or the lung, and really get an organ transplant that is from your own adult pluripotent cells. So this is the future of medicine, the Holy Grail of medicine which is going to be exciting in the future if they will ever let it happen.

So much like the human race, who gives birth to sons and daughters before they die, these cells have different life spans, coded for survival. For example, your outside skin layer sheds like a snake and is replaced every three to four weeks. Your red blood cells die and are replaced every 90 days; they turn over every three months. Your liver cells die and are replaced every five months. You get a whole new liver every five months. The surface layer of your gut lining in your intestines turns over every three to five days. Your heart cells form a new heart every eight months. Your skeletal bone cells take a little bit longer and have the longest survival because of the harder matrix of calcium, boron and osteoclasts and what you call osteoblasts of the bone cells that are harder matrix. This can take up to seven to ten years. So, everyone receives a whole new body every seven to ten years. Now, I said a new body, not necessarily a healthier one.

So, the new cell generations are completely dependent on the building materials you fed the previous cells; whether they were toxins, acids or nutrients. If you are bathing the previous cells in poisons from toxic emotions, toxic foods, toxic water, pharmaceutical drugs, and so forth the next generation would be weaker than the one before. Future cell generations will continue to degenerate unless detoxification measures are initiated. On the other hand, if the previous cells were nurtured in water, oxygen, full spectrum nutrients, and high levels of immunity, the next cell generation will be stronger than the original one. So, the whole body will be progressing to a regenerative state or a degenerative state depending on the building material they have been bathing in.

Our body cells constantly self-regulate, self-repair, and they self-renew under the right conditions. Our Creator programmed them for life, not for sickness and death. You have to go against the grain of the body to really create disease because it is programmed to continue for health and longevity. It is not programmed for disease. Our Creator didn’t make us that way. There is a Scripture that says, Above all things that you prosper and be in good health even as thy soul prospers. That just proves that we are not just physical, we’re spirit, soul, and body. In Thessalonians, it says, I pray that your spirit, soul, and body become blameless until the coming of the Lord, Yahshua Messiah, or Jesus Christ, of Nazareth. So, our Creator is showing us that we are not just the physical, what we touch, smell and the five senses. It is the spirit of man and the soul of man that is more important.

So, with your cells restoring and regenerating over and over again, they are either going to create healthy organs from healthy tissues and healthy systems and a healthy body, or if the cells are toxic, damaged or have free radical hits on the cell structures, their cells will create sick tissues which create sick organs which create sick systems which creates a sick body organism. So, cells are the smallest measure of living things…because every fiber of our material being is a framework of cells, or health, or lack of it. It all depends on the functioning capacity of our cells. So that is where we are going to shift our focus.

Again, when cells become contaminated or injured, you manifest illness. So when cells malfunction, you malfunction. That is how simple it is to understand. The big picture is that the human body knows it has to have the proper building material which is either breathed, ingested with our mouths, or drunk in beverages or injected into the blood will either contaminate the cells or nourish the cells. Then we have to ask ourselves why there is such an epidemic of disease in this country when we supposedly have the highest advances of training in medical schools. We have at least $80 billion funneled into the NIH and the AMA for disease research, and even into the World Health Organization. And the answer to that question is they are keeping two subject matters from medical school training: nutritional biochemistry which is the building blocks of a human, and homotoxicology which is the study of toxins to the DNA or to the cells. They cannot explain that to students in med school, because the finger would be turned to their own profession….Hey, professor what about our toxic pharmaceuticals causing damage? What about the medial contrast dyes we use to get images with our radioisotopes? What about our X-rays? What about the radiation that we use for diagnostics? What about the chemotherapy cocktails, radiation? What about things we use to implement surgical procedures like anesthesia? And the finger would point to their own profession and show them as the culprit of causing a lot of these illnesses.

So the big picture is the average toxic load of a major city, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Cleveland, is that there are 25,000 chemicals that we eat, we drink, we breathe, we bathe in, put on our scalp, rub on our skin with skin creams. We have fluoride in our toothpaste, we got chlorine, fluoride, arsenic in our shower water that bath into our skin. We have toluene in our carpets; we have recycled air in air conditioning ducts including your car. We get carbon monoxide exhaust in traffic…and the list goes on and on.

The 25,000 come in on Monday, and the liver says, “I can a few thousand.” The kidneys say, “I can process thousand.” The lymphatic system says, “I can process a couple thousand.” The skin sweats, the colon evacuates, and the urinary output, and then the respiration through the lungs. Let’s say it is only dumping 23,000. So, Monday 25,000 comes in and 23,000 come out. On Tuesday, you haven’t changed your lifestyle, and 25,000 toxic synthetic chemicals come into the body, and then the body sewage system has only dumped 23,000. Now as time goes on, if you haven’t changed your lifestyle or your dietary habits or your social habits…you know, the 25,000 come in, but only 22,000 come out; 25,000 come in and 20,000 come out. As time goes on, the liver becomes very toxic, the kidneys, and the blood becomes contaminated. The life of the flesh is in the blood, so if the life force is in the blood, then death and disease is in that blood river also. So you either have a river of life or a river of death and disease depending on what you are putting in the bloodstream by injecting vaccines, with what you’re eating, drinking, breathing and putting on your skin.

So the big picture is the body has to justify this or compensate by dumping these toxins in weak links in your chain of organs. Everyone has a weak organ or weak tissue where the bloodstream would choose to dump these carcinogens, toxins, acids, and whatever heavy metals, or whatever they are into what is called non-priority tissues. It is very interesting. Our Creator has developed this human biological machine intelligent, so it is not going to dump these poisons in vital organs right away. It is going to pick the toes, going to pick the fingers, the wrists, the elbows, the muscles, or shoulders that are non-priority or non-vital. This is where you start getting your aches and pains. You start getting your mobility problems, your tiredness, brain fog and so forth. These are just warning signals given by our Creator telling you what cells are malfunctioning.

If it is the joints that the dump zone or deposition zone has picked there are cells that produce synovial fluid or bursa fluid to lubricate the joints; when they get all gummed-up and coated they obviously cannot receive the intelligent nutrients, water or oxygen or the building material to make the fluid. So, you get a dryness in the joint and the body will attack that area with the white blood cells to try to clean up the mess because you are not. And the immune response will cause swelling and pain. And the label for this is called arth-itis or bursitis. The label arthritis is not even a disease; it is a warning signal or a description of the symptom of the cellular malfunction in the joint. If you look at the factor of the toxins being dumped in the pancreas…and this pathway is the same with every disease label known to man, all 12,000 of them…that the toxins when they are dumped in the pancreas in what is called the beta cells….these beta cells that manufacture insulin if they are healthy will get all caked-up and coated and the receptor sights get clogged; therefore, they can’t produce insulin or receive the intelligent building material from the foods that you are eating, the beverages and the nutrition. And then all sudden the beta cells can’t produce insulin therefore you have high blood sugar. Now the high blood sugar that is going to be labeled by science is going to be the disease label called diabetes mellitus. I say, it is the symptom of a beta cell malfunction, not the actual disease label.

You will hear of the peer reviews….and this is pretty pathetic dealing with one of the most prestigious universities in the country of Harvard, Baylor and Stanford…we read in these peer reviews in scientific review making ignorant statements like high blood sugar is caused by diabetes. Well, I thought that increased blood sugar IS diabetes! And that is caused by a beta cell malfunction. That is what I would say.

I heard an MD on a radio station claiming that brittle bones cause osteoporosis. Wait a minute! I thought
that osteoporosis IS brittle bones and that is caused by an acid pH condition weakening the osteocyte, or the cellular structures to the bone cells. Here is another brilliant claim again: high blood pressure is the cause of hypertension. Hypertension IS high blood pressure! So, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because they have been listening to the wrong experts. And these experts are molded as symptomalogists in medical school…you know…a drug for every bug, a pill for every ill, a vaccine injection for every infection, a chemo and radiation for every mutation, and when in doubt just cut it out! This is what they have been trained to do for eight years and it is useless to look at the symptom as the disease.

This is what they portray to you, to the public, and to the masses. If we don’t understand their technojargon doctornese language, and how they repackage the same disease 12,000 different ways, and if the study of this field of cytopathy is not understood, we will make wrong decisions and we will go to the wrong doctors. They will deal with the symptom and not get to the cellular malfunction and fixing it. There is absolutely no training in the field of cytopathy or even understanding how a cell malfunctions; or even how to restore a cellular malfunction. This is the passion that I have, to bring this information to you; an opportunity to raise the bar to our Creator’s people, that we have to understand how this human body ticks and what to do to trigger the self-healing mechanisms, like a broken arm or a cut in the finger does.

So as simple as this is, it is one disease, cellular malfunctions repackaged 12,000 different ways depending
on where these poisons settle, where they suffocate the cells that make them malfunction and degenerate, and then our Creator’s way of telling you that…like in your car it wouldn’t be fair to purchase a car without a manual telling you why you have a blinking oil light or why you have a radiator light. There is intelligence to a manufactured car built by humans, obviously. It shows that the human being is intelligent if it has their warning signals or the blinking oil lights.

Now if you have a cellular malfunction to the brain, you’re going to get a headache, dizziness, or vertigo as a symptom. But the symptom of the headache or the dizziness is not the disease. If you have a cell malfunction to the heart cells, you are going to get an arrhythmia, or murmur, or palpitations showing you that as a symptom, as a warning signal. It wouldn’t be fair for our Creator to give you a toenail ache for a beta cell malfunction; or give you a heart palpitation symptom if you have gout in your toe. There is a correlating symptom to the particular cellular malfunction or sets of symptoms that tell you that as warning signals. If you know that you can target treatment protocol and this is what I do in my practice cleaning the cells first and let them breathe, so the biofilm and all the junk in the trunk and the crud in the blood is out of the body. Then the liver and the kidneys get cleaned so the cells can open up and receive whatever you’re giving them in Phase 2.

The simple understanding of cytopathy is that it is one disease and how it is repackaged. Based on where the blood through excess toxins coming in that the liver, kidneys and the filter systems cannot handle in time end up in the toe which is called gout. If the poisons end up in your knees, it is osteoarthritis label. If the toxins, acids and poisons end up in your wrists it is carpal tunnel syndrome. If they end up in your stomach…called parietal cells that manufacture hydrochloric acid you will get a symptom called GERD or acid reflux. If the poisons, heavy metals and neurotoxins enter the brain, if it is the frontal lobe of the brain you will have memory problems; I call it “sometimers to Alzheimer’s”. Eventually, if you don’t chelate the brain or get the poisons out of the brain tissue, it will manifest in stages more severe symptoms.

So, it is still a cell malfunction to the cells that regulate memory. If it is the toxins, heavy metals and neurotoxins that enter the back of the brain, that is your target link if that is yours, then you’re going to get festination or shuffling gait, it is a symptom called Parkinson’s label. Parkinson’s is not even a disease. It is a warning signal or symptom or a label of a cellular malfunction to the dopamine producing cells.

The big picture to God’s people is that you have to understand what to do to remove the poisons you have been injecting, eating, drinking, breathing, and bathing, and then how would you restore or fix the cell malfunctions once they have happened, and, what treatment protocol would be necessary to do that. So in the future, I’m going to delve deep into really what are the two umbrella factors or pillars, if you will, that causes cells to malfunction; and then how to restore these cells once they are damaged or malfunction.

Even though there is an error in academia medical school curriculum that there is 12,000 different diseases demanding 12,000 different treatment protocol, it does narrow down to the one disease repackaged which is cellular malfunction, cellular functional disorders. But, because of the complexity of our Creator developing the body into 243 different types of cells, the specifics to a natural non-toxic Creator’s treatment versus man’s treatment, would be specific for each treatment modality to what particular cell is malfunctioning. I want to really teach you as to your condition and your family, co-workers, or friends what particular cell malfunction you have can be addressed and directed with non-toxic, non invasive treatment protocol.

So even though the complexity of the human sounds very intricate and very complicated, I want to bring an island of clarity to a sea of confusion that the whole body obviously has to be cleaned up first. All the cells have to be cleaned from head to toe. We’ll get into the protocol for that, for the full body cellular cleanse. And, then Phase 2, which is called cell restoration, would be specifically tailored to the individual depending on what cell or what particular cells are malfunctioning. I am excited about bringing a higher level of understanding, not only to the understanding of the disease process, but also how to implement strategies that come from nature that is noninvasive, that has no side effects, no contraindications that can be specific to restore these cells back to eight cylinder capacity. Then the miracle is done, the symptoms disappear once you restore the cells to full capacities.

For some practical advice today, I would recommend strongly to get rid of all your Franken-foods out of your cupboards, all the synthetic cosmetics and hygiene products. Start with dropping the toxic load to the cells and by implementing real food that comes from nature rather than Frankenstein concocted foods that are boxed, canned, jarred, and packaged; anything that comes from a tree, plant, or comes from nature such as fruits, or veggies, or nuts, grains, or seeds that have real living nutritional elements. You can start by transitioning the cells from cellular degeneration to cellular regeneration just by switching over to: drinking water, breathing deeper to get more oxygen, and eating real foods versus the fake synthetic Franken-foods of the world that are genetically modified foods.

Also, stick with more organic than conventional. We really don’t know what they are putting into the
conventional produce and even the vegetables and the fruits because of the genetic engineering going on.

So what I am saying is what we can do to stop the poisoning of ourselves and implementing strategies in the future to fix these cellular malfunctions. Stop putting into your mouth, or on your skin, or rubbing your scalp with the vices that got the cells to degenerate in the first place and become deteriorated; and flipping over very simply to real, living nutrients from nature, as opposed to Frankenstein concocted laboratory creations.