25 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Cancer Specialist Before Undergoing Treatment

By Gary Tunsky, ND

Over the course of six decades layers of inertia toward true scientific research in the field of cancer epidemiology has rendered orthodox medical thinking, practices and beliefs obsolete. All answers to reversing cancers are outside the realm of orthodox medical thinking with their lethal, quick fix, magic bullet mentality of pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, radiation and risky surgery, with little thought for the long-term health of the patient. The preface of this article is to help you see why treatments as dangerous and consistently unsuccessful as radiation and chemotherapy continue to dominate the field of oncology.

I also want to reveal beyond a shadow of a doubt that mainstream cancer doctors are limited to tumor removal or strategies of containment, at best. How can you expect your doctor to reverse your cancer when he knows very little about the disease? Conventional cancer treatments are in place as the law of the land because they pay the best, not heal the best. Decades of political cover-up have kept you and mainstream cancer doctors in the dark about scientifically proven, valid, non-toxic treatments for reversing cancer. When you begin to ferret out economic interests and monopolization motives, it helps you to understand why alternative cancer therapies are suppressed or barred from the public’s awareness and from all medical school curriculums.

For many years I have observed that people who are diagnosed with cancer face a distressing informational vacuum about many aspects of the disease from their doctors. What cancer is; how it happens, the chances of survival; treatment options and what medical and scientific communities are doing about the epidemic are not being thoroughly answered.


This article attempts to address that vacuum. The following 25 questions are intended primarily for people who have an interest in learning about the true facts of cancer in a question and answer format, but who have neither the time nor the energy to absorb complicated biological concepts and bewildering medical terminology. Because this article addresses simple common sense, it requires little or no formal background in biology or oncology. I hope and pray that after reading this article you will share this information with all your friends and loved ones before making a deadly mistake of choosing the wrong treatment option.


1. Doctor – after you remove my tumor with chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedures, what are you going to do to address my cancer?


Comment: Being that cancer is a whole body metabolic disease from head to toe due to a weakened immune system, weakened organs, tissues and cells, low metabolic cellular energy, acidic pH, low oxygen tissue environment, toxic emotions, nutritional deficiencies, etc., the only treatment protocol to reverse cancer permanently and to prevent secondary tumors from manifesting is to address the primary causes of cancer. There is not one cancer treatment in mainstream medicine that administers non-toxic treatments to boost and modulate the immune system, correct nutritional deficiencies, strengthen organs, cells and tissues, remove cancer causing toxins from the body, alkalize the pH, increase metabolic energy or strengthen the emotional and spiritual state of the patient, which are all necessary for ridding cancer. Oncologists are brainwashed into believing that the tumor is the cancer while the tumor is just the side effect of cancer, which is a whole body metabolic disease. Their whole medical education is based on a false premise of tumor removal not cancer removal. If the cure for cancer were in tumor removal, they would have cured cancer 50 years ago.


2. Doctor – because my cancer has multiple interacting factors in various combinations, what was it that caused my cancer?


Comment: The best answer science can come up with in 60 years of research is a defective gene or a virus. Their education does not focus on cancer origin, only on tumor removal. Because all cancers are multi-faceted with over 25 contributing factors in combination, there is no single cancer-causing agent that can be pinpointed. (Example: was it stress induced, was it the toxic environment, could it have been all the years of contaminated beverages, or the power lines outside my house or a combination of all of them?)


3. What post treatment modalities do you have that isolate the tumor sites and cancer cells and prevent the poisonous by-products of chemotherapy and radiation from destroying my neighboring healthy cells and distant tissues and organs?

Nothing in mainstream medicine’s toolbox can isolate only cancer cells without destroying healthy cells. All mainstream cancer doctors have no detoxification or cellular protection treatment modalities to offer. With their kill mode mindset, they hope they can kill all the cancer cells without killing you first. All mainstream cancer treatments destroy neighboring and distant cells, which are needed for health and proper organ function and prevention of secondary tumors from manifesting in the future. Only non-toxic treatment modalities that are found in alternative medicine can protect healthy cells, tissues and organs from being destroyed.


4. What non-toxic treatments do you have in your medical toolbox that can repair the cellular DNA damage done by chemotherapy and radiation to prevent secondary tumors and future tumor sites from occurring?    


Comment: Unfortunately there is no cancer drug, chemo agent, radiation or surgical procedure to date that will repair cellular DNA damage done by their treatments. All mainstream cancer treatments damage, not repair, cellular DNA. All non-toxic treatments that repair cellular DNA damage are found in alternative medicine outside of mainstream medicine cancer, drug, chemo agent, radiation or surgical procedure to date that will repair cellular DNA damage done by their treatments. All mainstream cancer treatments damage, not repair, cellular DNA. All non-toxic treatments that repair cellular DNA damage are found in alternative medicine outside of mainstream medicine.


5. Do you have any treatment methods that are non-destructive and beyond the
strategies of tumor removal or containment?

Comment: The answer is no. While mainstream medicine seeks a quick fix, magic bullet, linear approach to cancer treatment, there is no single treatment, linear approach for cancer treatment and there never will be. All mainstream cancer treatment protocols are focused on tumor removal or tumor containment, not your cancer. They are limited to four destructive tools: cancer drugs (pharmaceuticals), cut (surgery), burn (cobalt radiation), or poison (chemotherapy). Take your pick. You will receive one or more of these primitive, destructive treatments. These treatments are analogous to giving a gorilla a hammer to fix a computer; chances are he’ll do more harm than good. Because cancer is a multi-faceted disease, it demands multi-faceted treatment protocols that can only be addressed outside of mainstream medicine. There is no non-toxic treatment to date in mainstream medicine that can reverse the cancer process.


6. The reason I have cancer is that my organs, cells and systems, especially my immune system, are in a severely weakened state due to an overexposure of accumulated toxins throughout the years. What can you do to remove the cancer causing chemicals and toxins that are imbedded in my organs, tissues, bloodstream and cells?

Mainstream medicine has no detoxification procedures to cleanse the liver, kidneys, blood, colon, or lymph, which limits their long-term success and allows the cancer to return because they leave the growth medium for cancer intact. You have to go outside of mainstream medicine for detoxification methods using herbs, homeopathic remedies, colon irrigation, coffee enemas, botanicals, etc. to remove cancer causing, toxic residues.


7. The direct triggering mechanism of cancer is the fermentation of a healthy cell due to oxygen deprivation. What can you tell me about an exotic form of oxygen – a non-toxic, tri-atomic (O3) molecule called ozone (auto-hemotherapy or ozone insufflations) to drown out the tumor from the inside?

Most mainstream doctors know very little, if anything about ozone other than it creates smog in the atmosphere. Because cancer is anaerobic (meaning it survives and thrives in a low oxygen environment), you can flood tumor sites with oxygen by ozone therapy. Ozone, which is O3, is probably the most powerful, non-toxic cancer treatment in the world and yet still remains largely ignored by all U.S. research institutes and regulatory agencies. Ozone therapy can only be administered outside of mainstream medicine.


8. Since nutritional deficiencies are a major factor in contributing to my cancer, what nutritional assessments do you use for diagnosing nutritional deficiencies and imbalances?

Because of their limited knowledge of nutrition in medical school training (less than two hours in most medical universities), nutrition, diet, or even nutrient assessment testing procedures are obsolete in allopathic medicine. Due to their ignorance in the direct correlation of diet to cancer origin, you will not even see it addressed in mainstream medicine. However, nutrition is absolutely necessary to reverse and prevent not only cancer, but all disease. The building blocks of every organ, cell, tissue and even your immune system come from nutrition, not toxic pharmaceuticals, chemo or radiation. The only way to address nutritional deficiencies is outside of mainstream medicine.


9. With sugar being the main fuel source for tumor growth, called sugar fermentation or sugar glycolysis, what dietary regimen will you give me that addresses the foods and beverages that I should avoid so as not to feed my tumors?

Mainstream doctors are totally oblivious to the sugar/cancer connection. Therefore, the best advice you will receive is to eat anything you want to prevent yourself from losing weight. In their ignorance, doctors are actually feeding the tumors with sugar, saturated fats and cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives and additives found in the standard American diet. Just take a look at the menu in all the top cancer institutes such as M.D. Anderson. You will find cheesecake, coca cola and sugar laden beverages on their menu. This is a disgrace to modern medicine who in their pride think they have all the answers.


10. In Germany and Mexico, alternative biological treatment centers for cancer have had great success with whole body hyperthermia, which involves heating the tumors without destroying healthy tissue. What can you tell me about this treatment method?

Unless your doctor has done his homework with out of the box research, he will know little if any about heat induction to the tumor sites. Tumor sites are dense tissue, which hold heat and self-destruct. Healthy tissues are porous, which release heat through the skin pores by sweating. By bringing the body core temperature to a slight fever in a far infrared hyperthermia sauna, it triggers the immune regulators like interferon, interleukin-2 (IL-2), natural killer cells and white blood cell production to fight the cancer cells from the inside. Cancer cells die at an intracellular temperature of 112 degrees F. without destroying neighboring tissue. Since tumors cannot release heat like porous tissues can, the temperature will shoot up to 112 degrees F. in the tumor while your core body temperature remains around a safe range of 103 degrees F. Again, whole body hyperthermia methods can only be performed outside of mainstream medicine.


11. What can you tell me about the cancer causing vaccine contaminants like mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, methanol, etc., in Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTP), and the Hepatitis B vaccine and the mutant recombinants of monkey viruses such as SV-40 being a contributing factor in my cancer?

Most mainstream physicians know little, if any, about vaccine contaminants and their direct correlation to cancer. Vaccines destroy, not enhance the immune system, and contaminate the blood, which is the life of the flesh (Lev. 17:11). They also add reverse transcriptase (RT) enzymes and live animal retrovirus fragments to the blood and foreign DNA fragments, which eventually insert themselves into healthy DNA and reverses the DNA sequence of a healthy cell to a mutated cell, thus creating genetic disturbances and causing genetic defects within cell regeneration.


12. All true cancer specialists know that tumors grow their own blood vessels called angiogenesis to siphon in sugar and anaerobic pathogens to feed on for tumor growth. What non-toxic treatments do you have to shut off my blood supply to the tumor site so the tumors starve to death – called anti-angiogenesis?

They are currently in the infancy stage of researching pharmaceutical drug compounds that cause stenosis (narrowing of the blood vessels) to the tumor site to shut off blood supply to the tumors. Again, these compounds will be toxic and destructive. All non-toxic, anti-angiogeneis agents that shut off blood supply to the tumor site such as bindweed, shark cartilage and hydrazine sulfate are outside of mainstream medicine.


13. What can you tell me about the pioneering research of Royal Rife who developed a frequency generator that matched the frequencies of tumor sites and shattered them with electromagnetic frequencies without touching healthy tissue, similar to an opera singer’s voice matching the energy signature of a wine glass?

In my opinion, this powerful therapy, combined with ozone therapy, is the most successful cancer and disease treatment combination in Alternative Medicine. Rife Technology, which matches the energy signature of cancer cells or other anaerobic pathogens to shatter them with electromagnetic frequencies without touching healthy tissue, has been suppressed and outlawed by the FDA and AMA. Don’t expect any input from your mainstream physician on Rife Technology – they will have no clue. This technology can only be found outside of mainstream medicine.


14. Having the knowledge that cancer can only grow in an acid pH environment, what treatments do you offer to alkalize my blood, tissues, cells and organs to stifle the growth of my tumor cells?

Nothing in mainstream medicine is alkalizing other than sodium bicarbonate infusion for metabolic acidosis. Because of their lack of knowledge in acidic pH imbalances correlating with cancer growth and other disease processes, they won’t even address alkalizing treatment protocols and yet it is a necessity for shutting down cancer cell growth. All alkalizing agents that are safe and natural are outside the realm of mainstream medicine.


15. It’s obvious that my immune system components from my bone marrow, thymus gland, spleen and lymph nodes are suppressed, which are the only manufacturing plants of my white blood cells to prevent and fight opportunistic infections including my cancer. Because my immune system is weak, what non-destructive treatment protocols do you offer to modulate and enhance my immune system to recognize the tumor sites?

The answer is mainstream medicine is limited to interleukin-2 (IL-2), interferon, gamma-globulin injections, tumor necrosis factor and bone marrow transplantation in an attempt to boost the immune system. All these treatments are lethal and destructive with side effects worse than cancer. All non-destructive treatment protocols for modulating and boosting the immune system such as MGN3, carnivore (Venus fly trap plant root), mushroom extracts, natcell, thymus glandulars, etc., are outside of mainstream medicine.


16. Since cancer is due to free radical damage to my DNA strands, what type of treatments do you offer to stop cancer cell proliferation and modulate the accelerator gene (trophoblast) that stimulates and accelerates my cancer oncogene?

Their current research is in locating defective genes and doing gene splicing (genetic engineering) into the defective gene in an attempt to insert a healthy gene sequence. The problem with this method is that they would have to isolate every cancer cell, of which there are billions, and do a gene splice on every mutated cell to reverse the cancer process. That’s as futile as sweeping back the ocean shore with a broom.


17. Because there is an emotional and spiritual component to cancer, what will you do to release the emotional toxins such as anger, stress, unforgiveness, anxiety, etc. I’ve harbored subconsciously that have influenced my cancer growth?

Because physicians are taught in med school that if you can’t see it in pathology or lab assays, if you cannot hear it in a stethoscope or feel it in a palpitation, it’s not reality or an integral part of the disease process. Because of the atheistic mind-set drummed into them from university indoctrination, the unseen plains of the spirit and soul (emotions) are totally neglected as an intricate part of cancer treatment and yet emotion is a main component in all cancer patients. At best, you will get a referral to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist.


18. What treatment modalities do you have to trigger programmed cell death to the cancer?

The only methods mainstream medicine has to trigger programmed cell death (cell apoptosis) are radiation and chemotherapy, which trigger programmed cell death in healthy cells as well. All non-destructive, non-toxic, cell apoptosis treatments such as phytonutrients, poly-MVA, Ukraine, cesium, etc., are outside of mainstream medicine.


19. Since all organs and tissues are necessary for establishing and maintaining health from cancer, how can cutting out lymph nodes and body parts reverse my cancer?

It can’t. The removal of cancerous organs and tissues will only cause a weakened state to the body and immune system. Every organ and tissue is accounted for – even your lymph tissues, appendix, tonsils and adenoids. By removing organs and tissues, other organs have to work double overtime to compensate for the missing organs, which throws off homeostasis (balance) and allows secondary tumors to manifest. God did not create us with excess body parts.


20. What do you know about the toxic effects of mercury amalgam, root canals and dental hygiene complications being a direct link to cancer?

Because M.D.’s are not versed in dentistry; you can’t expect them to know anything about mercury vapor or dental foci leading to cancer or any other disease. Even the dentists have no clue about the detrimental effects of fluoride, root canals and mercury vapor leaking into the blood causing cancer and other diseases. Removal of mercury amalgams and root canals can only be done outside of mainstream ADA dentistry with biological dentistry.


21. What role do genetically modified foods play in the development of cancer?

Any time you allow foreign DNA to enter the body you are putting yourself at risk for potential side effects. Recombinant DNA will seek to insert itself into your cell’s genome. Genetically engineered DNA is now present in over 70% of the foods we eat today and has the potential to insert itself into your healthy cell DNA sequence and produces a mutation of the gene. Just as adrenal glandular supplements go to the adrenal, thyroid glandular supplements go to the thyroid, thymus glandular supplements go to the thymus, etc. Foreign DNA goes to healthy cell DNA and science has no clue where it may insert itself or the possible long-term damage that may be done. Genetically modified foods are mutant hybrid recombinants of foreign DNA fragments containing novel new genes derived from viruses, bacteria, fungi and animal genes that have never been eaten until now. These novel genes can eventually cause mutant cells to manifest in the human body. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho made a shocking statement in her book Genetic Engineering – Dream or Nightmare? on this very topic: “We are told that DNA is easily digested by enzymes in our gut. Not true. The DNA of a virus has been found to survive passage through the gut of mice. Furthermore, the DNA readily finds its way into the bloodstream, and into all kinds of cells in the body. Once inside the cell, the DNA may insert itself into the cell’s genome and create all manner of genetic disturbances, including cancer.”


22. Because we are electrical beings, wouldn’t using vibrational medicine therapies such as homeopathy, radionics, Rife Technology, harmonics, low level laser or far infrared be extremely beneficial as an adjunct to my cancer treatments?

Because vibrational medicine is not taught in mainstream medicine, don’t expect your doctor to support proven research in vibrational medicine techniques. All vibrational medicine techniques being used today are outside of mainstream medicine.


23. What is the long-term success rate of defeating cancer with chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or pharmaceuticals?

They tout a 42% success rate, which is based on a five-year yardstick or five year survival rate. However, they do not take into account the people dying from secondary tumors. The statistics are deliberately manipulated to mask the real holocaust that is taking place within mainstream cancer treatments. The true statistic is less than 10% when all factors are taken into consideration. Let me just give you an example of how these numbers are manipulated. Suppose someone is diagnosed with colon cancer and decides to go through with all of the treatments offered by mainstream medicine. After eight months, their doctor determines through cancer markers, CAT Scanning, MRI Scanning, etc. that the cancer has gone into remission. That patient is considered a statistical cure. However, if a secondary tumor pops up in a distant organ or another region of the body in two years due to their previous treatments, the secondary tumor is considered a new cancer statistic. If this patient survives for five more years he is again listed as a statistical cure. However, if he dies in the first day after the fifth year, there is no record of this being a cancer failure. Mainstream cancer statistics are a sham.


24. What can you tell me about a vaccine preparation that is cultured from my own blood called autologous hemo immune therapy (AHIT)?

Because this vaccine is not allowed in mainstream medicine for political reasons, it would have to be administered underground in the U.S. or in Germany. This natural, non-toxic vaccine preparation is specific, targeting the patient’s individual tumor sites. Substances called cytokines are drawn from the patient’s blood, which are messengers that regulate the immune system. These protein fractions are concentrated, activated and transformed into a pharmaceutical preparation and then cultured in a petri dish along with the patient’s cancer cells and incubated for 21 days. The different cellular and fluid fractions are recombined creating a memory recognition of the patient’s cancer cells in the dish and administered as injections, inhalation or sublingual drops back into the patient as a vaccine. This treatment, along with ozone therapy and Rife Technology, would destroy “Cancer Inc.” with their costly, highly profitable, chemo drugs, radiation and surgery if it were allowed in mainstream medicine.


25. One final question for you doctor – if you were in my shoes (having aggressive malignant cancer) after what you have witnessed for years in your practice, would you choose to treat yourself with chemotherapy or radiation?

Comment: If your doctor were truthful with himself and you, he or she wouldn’t even hesitate to say “absolutely not.” Could you imagine seeing cancer victims day after day? Most of their patients look like death warmed over. They are emaciated, their skin is pale, many suffer from severe vomiting, their hair has usually fallen out, they live with excruciating pain and are dying slowly, all because of the treatments, not the cancer.



After reading and analyzing these questions and answers, it may become obvious that mainstream cancer doctors have nothing to offer for treatment that establishes health to the immune system or to weak organs, cells and tissues that have set up a growth medium for cancer. Would you play Russian roulette with your life or your loved ones life with lethal chemotherapy and radiation treatments that cause cancer when there are proven, scientifically documented, non-toxic cancer treatments that have over a 70% success rate for long-term survival? Think long and hard about what option is right for you.