The Power of Terahertz For Healing

And the True Story of a Boy and His Dog

It was not my intention to hold back on my own experiences or the experiences of others regarding the powerful healing being witnessed by the use of Terahertz (Thz) frequencies. I actually made a few videos about it on my website, posted some testimonials, including my own on FB, and our main discussion has been in my Telegram group and in the Thz Group inside my membership platform, but these last few testimonials blew my mind so much that I felt compelled to share them, specifically the ones that pertain to a boy and his dog.

Why I haven’t been so overtly vociferous is because my intention is never to come across as pushy with anything I may create or offer for sale. The current emotional climate out there is touchy; I would even say quite unstable and even violent. People are very skeptical and wary of intentions due to charlatans pushing garbage on them all day. I also don’t like putting myself into positions where I have to defend myself when I know with my whole self what I am talking about has been verified with the experience of successful cases from a researched and medically trained mind. So I trust my inner guidance when it comes time to post about successes. I prefer to let people be attracted to my videos and be guided by their souls to find the things that will work for their health and well-being.

I would love to share with you, my beautiful and aware audience, Brenda’s story of her successes with the Prife iTeraCare Terahertz Frequency Wand because people need to know. Too many are suffering and need healing, especially post-jab, which this effective device is healing them from by the droves (testimonials of that, as well). As much as I am tired of being a target for bullies, it’s important to get this out there.

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Here begins this healing journey, written by Brenda about her son Koen and their dog, Axel. I thank her for granting me permission to post these details.

Axel The Greyhound:

“I have fought with myself in the past week repeatedly with the answer to the question of do I tell? When do I tell? Is this too good to be true? Because I can’t even process and believe it myself.

“This is an ‘event’ which I have experienced many times in the past 10+ years, and it has always ended with a call to the vet and crossing the dog over. This past week has been a ‘see it to believe it’ scenario, myself and my family are completely flabbergasted at what we have witnessed.

“Writing this out has been difficult for me because every day I wonder if the bubble going to burst. Should I tell, and what if it does? But, after last night, I have to tell. Because I don’t think the bubble will burst. If things were going backward, then yes. But things were definitely not going backward. I could not explain this. However, I’ve also never worked with a terahertz frequency, so I really had no idea of the power behind it.

“A week ago today, (“today” is June 20th) at 11:30 PM, our greyhound Axel suffered something. I don’t know ‘what’ it was, but something was terribly wrong. My son Koen called me and asked me to come outside to the deck. He had been on his way to take Axel on his late-night walk. When I got there, I saw him and Axel. But Koen was holding Axel up?! He told me that something was very wrong with him and that he couldn’t walk, his back legs were tight together, and his toes completely knuckled under.

“He could not hold himself up, and if Koen stepped away even just a little bit, Axel would start to tip over. Oh my gosh!!! To see this giant of a dog, having zero control or use over his back end, and shaking intensely due to his own fear, my son with tears welling up in his saying ‘It’s really bad, it’s really bad’, and me knowing yes, it’s really bad. We carried him into the backyard to see if being on the grass would help him to regain something, anything…proved to be futile as he was no better there. He just kept falling over.

“We picked him up and brought him back inside. There, Axel was extremely stressed. He wanted to GO, but he couldn’t. He was floundering, and all we could do was try to settle him down into his bed. But because he couldn’t feel his back end, getting him comfortable was very difficult. Eventually, he laid down, panting like crazy, and his body was just vibrating. That is when we started checking him over. His back toes now instead of being knuckled under were sticking out straight, something I’d never seen before – Greyhounds have very unique toes and they don’t go straight stiff extended. I held one of his paws in my hand, and I felt the pads were very cool. I felt his leg, it too felt cool. I tried to find a pulse in it, and I was taken aback by how weak it felt. I then went to his front paws and legs, which were very warm, and a pulse there was very strong. I held both legs with fingers on both veins to see how different they were when I felt them together, and the front was definitely strong, while the back was very weak.

“So now with that, and suspecting what the coolness meant, I didn’t say a word to Koen, as he was trying everything he could to console his boy, sobbing away. He didn’t want to lose his Axel. But having grown up in our world of aging dogs and having seen exactly this happen to my daughters’ dog Eli a few years ago, and others before him (My note: Brenda does Greyhound dog rescuing), we both knew, there is no coming back from this. We’ve never been able to bring a dog back from this, and always end up making that ‘call’ the next day for the vet to come out. This being now early Wednesday morning, I knew I’d be having to make that call by Thursday morning at the very latest. Let Koen have that last day with his boy.

“‘Mom what do we do?’ Koen kept asking. And the ONLY answer I finally had, was ‘We have to start wanding him, NOW, and get lots of the wanded water into him.’ Wanding him with the IteraCare wand, was the only thing that I could think of. I had nothing else in my arsenal of things to try and ‘fix’ this impossibility. And that’s what we did.

“We must have wanded him for close to an hour straight and offered lots of wanded water which he took willingly as he was panting so hard. We were up till 6 am that morning and got another long wanding session in. Axel loves being wanded as is, and it really settled him down.

“There is always that moment, with people and animals I’ve noticed, where they take a deep breath in and completely relax. The next day, (Wednesday) we had to carry him outside, position his toes to not be knuckled, his back legs apart at hip width, hold him up, and stand right beside him to help him from falling over, while he did his business. This was daytime. We got two more wanding sessions in, and then it was evening. Again, we carried him out, put him down, positioned his toes and legs, and stepped away.

“He stayed standing!!! All on his own.

“You could see his right side was much weaker, but he was doing it on his own.

“Koen and I just looked at each other in amazement!!! Was this REAL? And then??? Axel lifted up with his front end, and he leaped about four times, and ended up on the other of the sidewalk, sniffing in the grass. Now Koen and I were grinning from ear to ear. His back toes were still knuckling a bit, but he wasn’t dragging them along. He would rear up his back end to be able to get his toes lifted up. He only took a few more steps and then came back to where Koen and I were standing, he was tired. His body didn’t want to stay up anymore.

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“We carried him back inside, super excited at what we had just witnessed, and praised him to the moon and back. Now? His back paws and legs were warm, and I could feel almost the same amount of strength in the pulse in the back leg as I found the front one.

“Thursday, Axel was wanded three times. each session for half an hour. Now, he was trying to get himself up, but it wasn’t working. We would have to help him up, and he would begin to walk away. He was able to walk outside all by himself, with very deliberately placed movements, and his toes barely touched as his back legs lifted to be able to put them into place for each step. He was even able to go down his ramp, with us there to slow him down in case his body got away from him with the decline. You could tell there was still weakness in his back end, but he had control over it. He was always able to pull himself back to a straight position. He at this point was not able to get back up his ramp, and we were still carrying him in.

“On this day though, he stopped wanting to eat his raw. He wanted nothing. He would eat the Nzymes treats by the handfuls though, and we let him have as many as he wanted. At least it was something going into him, and because he wanted nothing else, I couldn’t get any of his daily ‘goodies’ into him, therefore he had nothing ‘feeding’ him. Being a thin dog as is, refusing to eat was not good. But, if he wanted bottles of treats, then so be it.

“Friday, he still wasn’t able to get up without help, but once he got going, he would go, easier down his ramp, and, also able to get back up it on his own, and we were able to stop carrying him from this day onward. He was wanded 3X’s again, but now it was only 20-minute sessions. Still not eating, but that evening, he wanted to go for a walk. Koen took him, and they only made it to the neighbor’s sidewalk and then came back, but it was a walk!!! Something Koen had thought they would never do again.

“Saturday, (24th), over three days in, I now realized that I had completely forgotten about calling the vet. I hadn’t even thought about it. I was also kicking myself that we never took any videos of the shape Axel had been in. But I know it was because, until this point, we all really didn’t think that Axel was going to pull through. So why would we want to take videos of a dog that was going to be crossed over? I certainly didn’t want those to look back at. But now? I really wish I had.

“This is the first day that Koen started taking videos of Axel to show his progress. Axel was still refusing to eat and continued on eating only his treats. He was asking for his walks, and they were now going half the distance they had been before this event occurred. HUGE progress, for a dog who couldn’t even walk just days ago. He was wanded twice on this day for 20 minutes.



“On Sunday, Axel was still struggling to position his back end to get up on his own. But even with this, we could tell he almost had it, that his body was cooperating with him more and more. We’d still assist him with getting up, but after that, we could let him out, he’d get up and down his ramp, toodle around in the backyard, AND, he went for his full-length walk!!! Where he was finding this strength to do all these things without eating was beyond me. Usually, a dog without food especially after 3 days, should not be getting ‘better’. They should be declining. He was drinking lots of water though, so that was good. Dehydration was never a concern.

“His wanding sessions were 2X’s again, for the now usual 20 minutes. But not eating was really worrying me. So Koen decided to go out and get Axel his favorite, a Popeyes chicken burger. At this point, I didn’t care what he ate, as long as he ate SOMETHING. And he did, he was super happy with his burger (meat only) and Koen was able to get all of his supplements into him, hiding them in the chicken. During his walk that evening, he was very energetic and had a big bounce in his steps. Monday (26th), if you didn’t know, and seen Axel, you would never have known that just less than a week ago, he couldn’t walk. And maybe our eyes are deceiving us, but his walking and movements seem better than the way they were before this happened?! He seems much stronger than before. This is hard to believe for me because none of this makes any sense!!! Not eating properly, and having endured such an incident, it doesn’t make logical sense to me. It goes against everything I’ve seen and learned over the past years.

“But I have to get food into him. I can see how he’s already looking skinnier than he was. Greyhounds have very little body fat so even a pound or two missing is noticeable. Somehow, I have to make him want to eat. I resorted to what we call ‘crap in a can’. Cheap store-brand canned dog food. I always have a case of it on hand, just in case I need to entice an animal to want to eat. The smell of that is so strong, it brings every animal in my house out of a dead sleep. I mixed some of it in with Axel’s raw beef, 😅 and he loved it!!! Great!!! Problem solved. If that’s what it takes to get him to eat all his raw is to have a bit of that mixed in? I’ll go buy another case if I need to. Happily.

“This was what he needed. And within an hour or so of eating that, he was adamant he wanted to go for a walk. But he didn’t walk, he RAN!!! Full on running. Koen was trying to hold him back but he just wanted to go!!! Now, I knew, this bubble wasn’t going to burst. There’s no way. So here I sit, writing this out, exactly a week to the day this all began. I can’t even believe it, myself, what I have seen happen. We all can’t.

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“To have Axel still be with us, I think in a better shape than he was before, having seen how pitiful it was, to today, where he’s 100% back to his bouncy feet-like self. Tonight, he even got up all on his own multiple times too. All of his pieces, seem to be back together?! And how do I explain this? It all really seems to be too good to be true. I can only attest that his receiving the terahertz frequency is what saved him. It’s got to be.

“Even now, when he’s only getting two twenty-minute sessions he keeps improving. Between that wand and the wanded water, the frequency that has been emitted into him, it’s done something incredible for his body. It saved his life, I truly believe that.

“Even though I can’t understand it all, maybe it’s not for me to understand, and instead just witness and live through? I know, that if I were to tell others, they would tell me it all sounds too good to be true. And it does. It absolutely does. But, years ago when I started using Nzymes and seeing what it did with my own pets, and myself and family members and friends, what I saw then, and still do to this day, seemed too good to be true. I can confidently say that they ARE true and that good.

“Now, I think in a much shorter time period, based on what multiple true miracles I have seen since using the IteraCare wand, for less than 3 months, I can say it IS that good, and true. Next time I experience something like this, I will take videos right from the get-go. Because you never know what the outcome is going to be, and based on this event with an almost 13-year-old retired racer greyhound, it has been a BIG lesson learned. I will always regret that we didn’t. But we didn’t know, we had no idea what was going to happen. I could never have imagined Axel would ever be walking, and running again, in less than a week. WOW. I am WOW’d once again.

“I contacted a vet in regards to what had happened to him. Dr Marc Campbell is a good friend of mine, his dad is the biochemist behind most of the Nzymes company’s products and I trust him fully. He is going to shoot me straight, plus he’s also very awake to the garbage out there and knows I don’t do Western meds. He’s always open to helping others with their animals, and he’s our go-to when we have things arise that we just can’t answer.

“Anyways, I’d told him about everything that had happened with Axel, how his body was presenting, the weak pulses, cold temperatures, knuckled toes, etc., and what he would say/suggest if I brought a dog like that into his clinic. In my world? I’ve seen enough in the past 10+ years to know when a dog goes ‘down’ like that, especially at 12 years old, there is no coming back from that. Ever. I’ve never seen that, and I’ve worked with over 1000 paralysis dogs and you know when there is just no coming back from it. You can try, but it’s not fair to the dog. So I was very interested to know what Dr. Marc would have to say about Axel and his response to me was that he would 100% say that the dog had suffered a disc rupture and it had cut off the spinal cord. And, that I had done the right thing crossing the dog over. WHAT???!!! 😅 No Marc, he’s still alive and it’s 5 days later and he’s back to full greyhound racer running!!! He couldn’t believe it.

“I take in the sickest, most broken dogs in Manitoba-the ones where Western medicine, vets, families, and even rescues have exhausted all means financially and emotionally to help a sick dog. I am often their last chance, or they are strictly sent to me just to pass away. So over the past ten years, I’ve seen incredible miracles with using a raw diet, Nzymes, and colloidal silver. And now I add the wand into that mix?! Oh my gosh, amazing!!! Now I’m tweaked about DMSO, too…” (I had mentioned I am getting a lot of success combining DMSO applications combined with the wand.)

Koen’s Severe Loss of Taste and Smell

“And now…this is where my son Koen’s story comes in. I really wanted to give the back story of how this came to be for Koen. There are some people that know of what my family has endured since 2021 with my son Koen. I didn’t speak of it with too many, because I knew that many people, would not understand, or want to understand, and possibly think I was a little nuts. What happened to Koen seemed unrealistic, yet it was very real. I was scared to tell too many, and instead when people became aware of the fact that Koen had a ‘condition’, it was never mentioned completely what actually was going on with him.

“We hid behind the truth, and instead what most people knew, was that Koen, was unable to eat. In August of 2021 my 17-year-old son Koen, unbeknownst to him, endured a biological frequency warfare attack while traveling through Western Canada. His life changed drastically from that moment going forward. He became very ill. One of the biggest problems Koen endured, was that he lost his sense of taste and smell. Now of course we were told over and over, ‘he must have had Covid’. No, he did not have ‘Covid’. He happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got hit by this frequency attack. And because of this, it sent his two senses into a tailspin.

“Smells became distorted to him. We would smell bacon, and he would smell death. We could taste chicken, and he would taste dead rotting flesh. If we even as much as gave anything a shake of garlic or onion, he would come upstairs, extremely angry. Those also smelt like something had died.

“It got worse and worse. If it didn’t smell and taste like death to him, then it was (as he describes) like moldy damp vacuum cleaner lint/bins. The entire family was affected. We had to make sure that all bathroom fans and kitchen fans were on if anyone even thought of cooking anything. But nothing was ok for him to be around. Even the smell of toast in the toaster oven made him run out the door to the fresh air. Nothing, next to boiling water, was able to be done in our home because it would set Koen off. Coffee? No way could anyone even bring a coffee cup into our house. And once he had that awful smell (even though to the other 4 of us it wasn’t awful) in his sinuses, it would be stuck there for hours.

“He spent hours outside unable to be in the house due to whatever smell it was. And that’s fine in the summer, but not so much in our winters here in Manitoba. We resorted to having to cook in the garage. We set up an air fryer in there, and that’s what we had to learn to use to cook most of our meals. We were able to get away with eating the meals in the house at least, as long as no garlic or onion was involved.

“So while we are doing everything we can to accommodate Koen with the food smells, another problem arises in the Spring of 2022.

Now, he is able to tell to a T, if someone has received any of the ‘Covid’ injections. He could smell them. And the more injections they’d gotten, the stronger the smell was to him. He could pick up within 5 minutes of someone coming into the doors of our house, (he’s in the downstairs back corner of the house) if they had been injected.

“He’d be coming up those stairs within minutes if someone came in. This made it difficult for me to have any clients come into the house. How do I tell someone that if they’ve received any of those injections, they can’t come into my house because of my son? So all that was moved into the garage also. But even if I had someone there, and he came in after, he could always tell they’d been injected. He is so keen on it, that when it’s really bad, he will tell me ‘Mom that man’s going to die’ and then I find out 3 days later that man had a massive heart attack.

“The smell coming off of them is super intense for him and because this, too, smells like dead rotting flesh to him, it can send him into a frenzy if he’s around or in a crowd of people. Shopping malls, buses, and restaurants can be very overwhelming for him, and difficult to get through. Even when my husband came home from work, from an office where he was only one of two not injected, he’d have to get straight into the shower and go throw his clothes in the washer. Everything about him stunk to Koen.

“Can you imagine how the past year and ten months have been for Koen and eating? Pretty much nonexistent. We have watched him wither away to literally skin and bones, face all sunken in, and his skin color very pale and greyish. I would look at my son, and think he looks exactly like a dead man walking. How he has survived this far, is truly been by God’s grace. I can’t explain it better than 🙁 that.

“I have fought for him and fought and fought. I have had appts with natural Drs, where biometric scans were done on him, and they all came back with ‘biological frequency attack’. And the more we delved into that, thankfully with the help of a good friend, we were able to validate exactly where he had been on certain dates, to confirm that yes, Koen had been zapped with frequency.

“I have worked with a biochemist, who sent us stuff for Koen to use, and again, dealing with taste and smell issues, nothing worked. We would hear ‘You should try this’ or ‘Go buy him that’, and I did. I don’t even want to think how much I’ve spent on trying to get Koen better. And nothing made it better or stopped it from getting worse.

“I have sat with Koen while he’s cried and told me that he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to go on. This is not the way life should be, and nobody knows how difficult this has been for him. His body has weakened to the point that he doesn’t have a lot of anything in his tank. He puts on a brave face though and works hard with his cell phone sales and repair business, but inside, this boy has been falling apart and losing hope. And I have to admit, I was too. I didn’t know what it was going to take, to save him. It had become a true reality that this was going to take Koen’s life. And we all suffered together with him, most times, silently. Afraid to tell.

“(In case you are wondering, he refused to go see our regular family Dr-his trust had been lost in the Western medicine world and he didn’t want to step foot in a clinic where he already knew, most, if not all people in that busy office, would be injected.)

“When I got my wand, I had told Koen that I should wand him. But he was not at all receptive to it. Not at all. Why would he be? He had no faith in anything being able to help him. And I couldn’t force him, even though I had the ‘what IF Koen’ talks with him. ‘This is a healing frequency!!!’ Nope. He was shut down and that was it.

“But then…last week Tuesday, June 20th, Koen’s greyhound Axel suffered the event discussed above. And because of Axel, Koen for the first time held the wand in his hand and 😁 used it on his dog. This then began to resonate with Koen about ‘what’ these wands could do.

“We talked about how very important it was that Axel was able to get the wanded water too. And I asked Koen if at least, he could try drinking the wanded water also. I mean who knows what can happen? What could happen if he drank the water with the healing frequency in it??? (At this point, I never even 🤔 thought about the frequency attack he’d endured, and that is why he was in the shape he was.)

“Koen began to drink the water. He would have anywhere from 8-16 ounces a day for 5 days. Today? He went to Popeyes Chicken to get Axel a chicken burger. (It’s Axel’s favorite and he sure deserves a treat like that for his rally this week-normally I’m not keen on the dogs getting people food but Axel is a special case dog and he can have those once in a while) Koen hasn’t gone to get Axel a chicken burger in a long long time due to not being able to handle the smell.

“But when Koen got home with the burger, he opened it up and thought he was dreaming. It actually smelt alright to him? That was not normal. He got brave and took a little bite of the breading, it tasted GOOD to him. He took more, the same thing. Then, he took a big leap and smelt the actual chicken inside of the breading. That smelt like chicken to him!!! It no longer had the stink to him. So he tried a piece. And another, and another. And then, he came to where I was, with some pieces of the chicken in his hand, and said ‘Dare me to eat this?’ Of course me being completely oblivious to what’s just transpired in the kitchen with the chicken burger, was like ‘Oh No No No, please don’t Koen’. But he did!!! He ate the three pieces and didn’t get revolted by any.


“This was HUGE!!! The fact that he can eat chicken; and he said it tasted like what chicken tasted to him as a kid, whoa. What is going on here???!!! Is he going to be able to eat again??? The bun with Mayo he could not do. They still tasted bad to him. The chicken was a huge step though. Meat. Something he hasn’t had in almost two years.

“So what changed? The ONLY thing, is that he has been drinking the wanded water for the past 5 days. Nothing else has changed…

“..other than him holding the wand and wanding Axel, but, he didn’t get wanded himself. I understand now, it’s ALL about the frequency!!! It is the FREQUENCY!!! A very terrible frequency was emitted onto him, and now by drinking the water with the terahertz healing frequency, it is counteracting the damage!!! It makes sense!

“He is over the moon with happiness and joy. He can’t stop smiling. He has his dog back, and very possibly his own life and health. Because of Axel, and the wand, Koen’s life has taken a dramatic turn in a very short period of time.

“God’s Grace. This was all part of the plan. For Koen, for Axel, and our family. I truly look at this as a gift that we’ve been so fortunate to have these IteraCare wands available to us. To be able to have this frequency healing capability at our fingertips, what else are we going to have the joys of experiencing? What other wonders will we see with our own eyes?

Koen and Axel

“I think God has had his hand in this. It is all just too perfect and beautiful to not be. I do believe two lives were saved during the past 5 days. Don’t EVER Stop Believing!!! I know now that what Axel the greyhound went through was a disc rupture that severed his spinal cord. This we’ve come to find out is what happens to most retired greyhound racers, and it’s the end for them. Yet here we are almost a month later, and Axel is still going strong, and I think, better than he was. And because of him, Koen’s life was saved, and what a struggle that was for him and our family.

“I know there are so many out there who have no idea that there is help and hope. And unfortunately, there are too many hiding in shame, which breaks my heart because they don’t have to suffer anymore.”

🙏 Brenda J

The healing power of this device is not to be glossed over. The success I am seeing with dire cases is inspiring. I will share a few more later on, one being a case of severe psoriasis clearing up.

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Life is precious, time is short and there is much healing to be done!

With love, health, and truth,

Amandha (ADV)