Your Cold is the Cure

There are no viruses. None have ever been isolated or proven to cause disease. Ever. There are no contagious germs, just contagious habits. Knowing that your expressive symptoms are the body’s mechanism for communication and healing is something “big harma” doesn’t want


Testing the Limits

“The more scans you do, the more money you make. If I do eight PET scans a day, that’s two million dollars a year, or a 35 percent profit margin… But we don’t use the word ‘profit’ in hospitals; it’s called surplus.” –

The Pharmaceutical Colonization of Naturopathy!

In my last article I mentioned that pharmaceuticals for the main part supress symptoms without treating underlying dysfunction. I am not saying they are never necessary – I am just of the radical belief that they should be used to comfort the

Pharmaceuticals Don’t Cure Diseases!

Pharmaceutical medications don’t usually cure diseases, they only mitigate symptoms. For the main part, medications are palliatives designed to comfort the patient rather than cure their condition. Hypertension is not cured by mainstream medications but treated for life. Asthma, peptic ulcers, and


The Rat Theory of Garbage

One pathogen; One disease; One therapy. This is the paradigm of infectious disease etiology established in the second half of the nineteenth century by Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur. I refer to Louis Pastuer’s “Germ Theory of Disease” as the Rat Theory


No “Just in Case” Antibiotics

The appearance of antibiotics to treat bacterial infections such as staphylococcal, streptococci, bacilli and pneumonia seemed to arrive as a miracle panacea in the 1950s. Alexander Fleming (1981-1955) – who discovered penicillin, the first broadly effective antibiotic – predicted the rise of

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