The One Disease with Many Symptoms

When we look at all the different diseases that people contract these days, what we are seeing are a variety of Cellular Functional Disorders (or CFDs as I call them for short). One disease is being repackaged in 12,000 different ways. Let me repeat that: There is Only One Disease. Cellular malfunction.

There is no such thing as diabetes or arthritis or heart disease and Parkinson’s disease. First of all, Parkinson’s is not even a disease – it’s the name of a doctor. Dr. Parkinson discovered the symptoms of festination, shuffling gait in 1902, and he labelled those symptoms as a disease after his name. Lou Gehrig is a baseball player. Hashimoto is a Japanese scientist. None of these are diseases. But the medical industry has to do something to make you believe they are all different diseases so they can make a business out of it.

Fibromyalgia is not a disease. Fibro means fibrosis tissue. “Myo” is muscle. “Algia” is pain. Put them all together and you get: “pain in the muscle fiber.” The name is describing what the patient is experiencing, which is muscle pain. Pain is not a disease – it’s a symptom. A symptom of a cellular malfunction.

Arthritis is not a disease. “Arthro” means joint, “itis” means “inflammation of.” How can inflammation of a joint be a disease? That’s the symptom of a cellular malfunction in the knee, for example. It is called a synovial fluid cell malfunction. Outside of the symptom, they know nothing about disease. So, when you go to them for arthritis, they’re going to snip the wire with a DMARD or NSAID instead of looking at what’s really going on in the knees.

In fact, I’m going to show you this real quick. Every “itis” that you talk about is the same disease – but they’ll make you believe there are 200 different ones: sinusitis, inflammation of sinus membrane; otitis, inflammation of the inner ear; carditis, inflammation of the cardiac tissue; carditis, arthritis, appendicitis, hepatitis, nephritis – all the same disease. It’s just “the inflammation of the-”; and they will make you believe that each one is different, and make it sound credible using their techno-jargon, doctor language.

We have been told that hypertension causes high blood pressure. That’s impossible. Hyper means high, and tension means pressure, stretching or straining. How can high blood pressure cause high blood pressure?

Osteoporosis means “porous, brittle bone.” Next time you have a doctor’s appointment, try saying, “Hey Doc, how can brittle bone cause brittle bone?” That’s all you need to ask him!

Any time you are talking about a disease in conversation, what you’re talking about is a cellular malfunction of one kind or another. When you talk about diabetes, you’re talking about a beta-cell malfunction in the pancreas.  When you talk about anemia, you are talking about red blood cell malfunction. When you talk about leukemia, you mean white blood cell malfunction. If you have a cell malfunction in your mitochondria, then you wind up with chronic fatigue.

When you talk about heart disease, cardiomyopathy, even myocardial infarction, or any of the trashcan labels they give heart disease, including Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), what are you actually talking about? You’re talking about a cardiomyocyte malfunction, heart cell malfunction. When you’re talking about acid reflux, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), you’re talking about a parietal cell malfunction in the stomach. You are not producing enough hydrochloric acid, so you get these burning pains. When you talk about AIDS, what are you talking about? A T-lymphocyte cell malfunction. When you’re talking about Parkinson’s, what are you talking about? It’s substantia nigra cell malfunction that doesn’t produce dopamine for motor skill.

It’s so simple when you look at it from this perspective. This is the elegant simplicity of a unified theory in the field of cytopathy. Cytopathy, the new disease science that is not yet taught in any university. They teach cytology, the structure and function of the cell, but not cytopathy – and there’s big difference. The study of cytopathy is the study of cellular disease.

One disease is being repackaged in 12,000 different ways with new labels. But because of this Grand Unified Theory now you’ll know why they are trying to pawn this off on everybody as science. Because if you believe it, then you’re going to believe there are 12,000 different treatments with pharmaceuticals and sculpting devices and pacemakers and chemo agents and radiation. That’s what they want you to believe, that disease is such a big mystery. “It’s sophisticated, allow us more time, more grant money and we’ll find the answers.” But they will never find answers in allopathic model – ever. Because when you cure the disease, you cure the money. 

The truth is simple, but the lie – that disease is such a sophisticated mystery, means the pharmaceutical industry can forever come up with new treatments and drugs to drug, cut, poison, burn symptoms without addressing the underlying cause of disease.

Instead, they take you through the medical merry-go-round where you’ve got to see 65 specialists. You went to your family doctor, and he gave you some anxiety medication, but over the years that badly affected your brain chemistry and you developed migraines, so you had to come back about that. But the family doctor has been compartmentalized – meaning he knows very little about other systems – so he has to send you to the neurologist. When you go to the neurologist, he gives you some drugs that mess up your hormones because he’s not an endocrinologist. When you see the endocrinologist, he looks at your hormones and shakes his head, prescribing some drugs to keep them in check, but he doesn’t realize that those mess up your heart because he knows nothing about cardiology. And the cardiologist is looking at your heart, but she knows nothing about the brain-link to the heart so she’s going to prescribe you something that messes that up. So, you end up back with the neurologist for more treatment to your nervous system. You’re bounced from one doctor to the next. A cardiopulmonary for lungs, a cranial specialist, a chiropractor for your spine, a gastroenterologist, kidney specialist, liver, it would take you two or three years to cover your whole body.

And this is the problem with mainstream, medical science. They cut the body up like a bunch of truck parts, which has led to the training of specialty fields teaching that the cells, organs, and systems all work separately. Then they try to treat them independently at the site of the symptom which is only the outward manifestation of cellular disease. The body is a holistic, integrated system whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You cannot segregate or isolate any of the cells, organs, systems, or even nutrients for that matter. All of them work in synergy like a synchronized orchestra. But the doctors divide it into parts and that creates the medical-money-go-round: The GP to the neurologist and endocrinologist, cardiologist, oncologist, psychiatrist, and eventually the coroner’s office. All the while the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing!

It’s amazing to me how people don’t see through that. People seeing up to ten, twelve, thirteen doctors, and spend one hundred grand on their insurance, and you come out no better than you did when you saw the first doctor, except now you got 14 drugs on you. Then, after a while, the drugs that they gave you cause three or four more problems which you to treat with drugs too. Now you’re a walking drug factory. You’re on one when you get up in the morning, one before going to bed at night, one for your bloating and your stomach caused by the other two meds. And that’s science! And by the time they get done with you you’re going to be labeled psychosomatic or a hypochondriac because they can’t find the cause and it’s making you depressed, so now you’re getting Prozac and Zoloft and for your depression.

Almost everything needs to be treated holistically. When you fix the cellular malfunction in your joints, your arthritis pain and inflammation go away. When you fix the heart cells, your heart arrhythmia palpitations go away. When you fix the DNA mutations, tumors disappear. When you fix the toe, wash the uric acid crystals out of the toe, the gout symptoms go away.

Does all this make sense? Does that give you a bigger picture of disease etiology?

When massive amounts of cells malfunction, you malfunction as a whole. The simple outside-the-box understanding is that this one disease – cellular malfunction – manifests as a variety of seemingly individual Cellular Functional Disorders. One disease is masquerading as multiple thousands of them. Anywhere you look in the body to find disease, you will find cellular malfunctions caused by two interrelated factors. Compounding toxicities around the cell, coupled with multiple nutritional insufficiencies to the cell. Toxins enter the body and compound in the tissues, and we gather deficiencies in one or more of the nutrients that the body requires to function at its full potential. That’s it!

There is an emotional element to it as well, of course. There are physical toxins, emotional toxins, and there are spiritual toxins. There’s physical nourishment, soul nourishment, and nourishment to the emotions. But as your emotions arise partly out of the condition of the cells in the body, we can partly account for so-called “mental illnesses” in terms of cellular malfunctions, too.

When you have neurotransmitter imbalances, you can get schizophrenia, or dementia, or anything they call a mental illness. What would depression be called? Neuron malfunction. Moods and feelings have changed from the dysfunction in the signaling pathways, in the cells that are meant to produce and regulate chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. So, it’s just the imbalance of the cellular engines of the brain not producing their neurotransmitters.

You can try to medicate these things with pharmaceuticals, but you can’t do that without creating a mess somewhere else. Serotonin impacts your entire body. Your sleeping, eating, digestion, immune system. You can’t just manipulate it to change your mood without suffering damage to the overall balance of the body. You detoxify physically, detoxify emotionally, detoxify spiritually, and nourish physically, nourish emotionally, and nourish spiritually. Here’s the miracle – your depression goes away.

This Grand Unified Theory in the field of cytopathy brings a much-needed island of clarity in the sea of confusion.

Unfortunately, we have to cut through all the fragmented, compartmentalized information, misinformation, and outright disinformation that’s out there and get to the truth. Otherwise, it’s very confusing. You click on the one radio show and they’re talking about how diseases are caused by infection. Then you ask another expert, and they say it’s the immune system suppression that causes illness. Then another says you’re just dehydrated. And another says it’s the growth hormone. Another one says, “No, no, no, it’s nutritional deficiencies.”

Which is it?

It’s all of them. But they also all derive from the same underlying cause. Why do people with more inflammation end up with more cancer? Why do people who have fibromyalgia as often as not have lupus? Why do people with Parkinson’s disease often get dementia in the advanced stages? Why do more than a third of them get depression and anxiety? Why do they get sensory, sleep, and emotional problems? It’s because these aren’t actually different diseases but the cascading consequences of the same underlying disease growing more severe. The patient first got ill with something minor long before it progressed to a severe condition like Parkinson’s. Because that wasn’t treated properly, the underlying cellular condition of the patient got worse, and this manifested in more symptoms which, collectively, the doctors refer to as “Parkinson’s Disease.” But the doctors still don’t know how to treat the underlying cause, so it continues to get worse and worse, until the poor individual has suffered so much nerve-damage that they start tremoring, experiencing rigidity, loss of balance, and finally can’t even walk unaided. Eventually they need around-the-clock nursing care and may experience hallucinations and delusions. It’s an unspeakably tragic – and the more so, because so often it could have been prevented with the correct care.

When each condition is seen as separate it needs its own medication, with its own side-effects, that may also require treatment. One blood pressure medicine, one for heart burn, one arthritis medicine, one anti-inflammatory, one anti-depressant, one pain medication, one for your insomnia, a pill for every ill. When you realize there is one common cause to all of it – that ALL symptoms arise out of the underlying cellular condition of the body – then that is what you treat. We treat the underlying cause – and all its outward manifestations will disappear. “You cannot heal selectively,” as Charlotte Gerson would say, “If you truly heal – everything heals.”

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