There is No Spike Protein

mRNA is not causing such a thing.

There is no mRNA creating a spike protein and certainly no coronavirus. As I’ve been saying since the beginning, this show is just that, an illusion, a con, a trick.

The popular scientists who have dominated truther circles have been misleading people. Take the time to read this important article based on an interview conducted by Torsten Engelbrecht with author and researcher Stefano Scoglio so you can gain confidence on this topic and help others to see the truth.

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Here are some valued excerpts from this article:

TE: But someone showed me a laboratory report claiming to have found a SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. On the test result it says “the Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S test measures the adaptive humoral immune response against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2.” So what do you think about that?

SS: That’s exactly what I’m saying. They do not measure the spike protein itself. They measure the humoral immune response. In other words, again, antibodies, immunoglobulins, that’s what they test. They all do that indirectly.

That’s what humoral and humeral immune response means, it’s antibody tests essentially. So it goes back to what I said before. Nobody finds the spike protein as such. While other proteins like the C-reactive protein is tested directly. So why don’t they do it with the spike protein?”



TE: And the spike protein itself, does it exist in nature in your view, or is it definitely only an artificial lab or in vitro product?

SS: It is an artificial laboratory product, absolutely. Also because the virus doesn’t exist. And the virus doesn’t exist because it has never been proven to exist, has never been isolated. We have made almost 250 FOIA requests around the world asking “can you show me the documentation about the isolation and therefore of the identification and therefore of the existence of the virus?” – and we got the same answer 250 times: “We do not have it.“

TE: But regarding the virus, it is said that it has not been proven, but the particles claimed to be viruses are real. And they may be particles being produced by the body itself. So the particles claimed to be spike proteins, what are they then?

SS: It’s a spike protein produced in the laboratory which doesn’t exist in nature because the spike protein is supposed to be a part of the virus that has never been isolated and therefore doesn’t exist. So in nature, there’s no toxic spike protein, it has never been found, never been isolated, never been found in the blood.”

TE: recently, a globally unique study has been published showing that the toxic components, mainly metal elements such as cesium, barium, titanium, and aluminum, are contained in all samples of of covid gene injections from AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna. And another ingredient of concern mentioned by critics of these gene injections is graphene oxide.

But the European Medical Association EMA writes us that “it has not seen any credible evidence from its evaluations or from ongoing testing that any Covid-19 vaccine is contaminated with graphene oxide, which is not a recognized excipient in medicines.“ What is your knowledge about graphene oxide?

SS: I don’t exclude that besides these two very toxic components that are declared, i.e. synthetic mRNA and synthetic lipid nanoparticles, there may be something else.

We had the Japanese government send back 4 million doses of Moderna because they found particles of steel in the vaccine, though this may be also due to contamination. So it’s possible that there’s something else.

But other toxic components are not necessary to explain the toxicity, as I said because synthetic mRNA and synthetic lipids are enough to explain all the toxic results of these “vaccines.” But there may be something else, maybe some other metals.

As to graphene oxide, I tend to be suspicious in the sense that I believe that so far there’s no credible evidence of the presence of it. I’ve seen studies by a few researchers like the ones from Spain or other researchers doing dark field microscopy. And dark field microscope is a very good tool. I use it, too.

In fact, I’m a certified dark field microscopist among other things. And in fact, you can see the blood that is like rotten. You can see these images of blood really reduced and with a lot of blood clots and a lot of dark material. It looks really bad after you have been vaccinated with these “vaccines.”

But the thing is, that in the studies from the Spanish researchers and from the ones from Italy that I saw dark particles have been found that look like graphene oxide, that resemble graphene oxide. But this is not a conclusive finding. These results from Spain are saying that they tested the presence of graphene oxide also with a vibrational methodology and that the vibration of this thing seemed to correspond graphene oxide as a whole.

But here we’re entering a field that is not really solidly scientific anymore. And why do we need to get into this very shaky ground so that we are more liable to being accused of being charlatans or anything like that? We don’t need that.

If you really wanna work on graphene oxide, take the blood, take the particles that are dark and test them chemically to find if it’s graphene oxide or not. You cannot come up by saying “Oh, it looks like graphene oxide,” and then everybody is saying, “Oh, there’s graphene oxide in the vaccine.” This is not the way it should work. It’s not a serious way of proceeding.”

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