Do Fire Trucks Cause Fires?

🚒 A fire truck shows up whenever there is a fire.

🏡 One night, the sound of a fire truck across the street wakes up a little boy. He climbs up to his window to see that the the house across the road is on fire!

😧 He runs to his mother and worriedly tells her that the big red truck caused a fire at the neighbor’s house.

👩‍👦 She lovingly explains that there was a fire at the house first and that the truck came afterwards to respond to it.

👦 He tells her that doesn’t make sense! He saw the house earlier that day and everything seemed fine until the red truck showed up!

🔥 His mother explains that there are things that must have gone on in the house that he is unaware of which caused the fire.

😧 He sees no evidence for this and thinks his mother is crazy and that she may be endangering him with her foolishness – after all! What if their own house goes on fire?

👩‍👦 “You are jumping to conclusions because there are variables that he can’t take into account.”

👦 “What do you mean?”

🤧 “For hundreds of years of human history people believed bacteria and viruses caused disease because certain bacteria or proteins were present at an inflamed site of the body. People felt that this was a brilliant discovery and decided it was the saviour of mankind. They went on to develop many chemical weapons to kill these viruses and bacteria. The population got sicker and sicker while taking these drugs and the initial theory was never questioned.”

🤪 “When it was questioned, the questioners were called crazy, foolish, and dangerous. Parents were even put in prison for not using these chemical weapons on their children!”

🦠 “Well if the bacteria and viruses don’t cause the sickness, why are they there?”

👨‍🔬 “The Brilliant Dr. Hamer, discovered five Biological Laws. He said that people called “disease” is actually not an error or a mistake caused by pathogenic microbes or faulty genes, but a Significant Biological Special Program that evolved for the purpose of ensuring the survival of the organism. He discovered that an individual’s perception is the initiator of all adaptive function.”

😧 “If a person experiences a scary situation, a trauma, or an unexpected Conflict Shock, their body immediately adapts their tissues to facilitate a swift resolution to help ensure their survival. After the conflict is perceived, there is an impact on the person’s brain in a specific area that is associated with the specific kind of conflict experienced. The brain then communicates with the tissue it controls to initiate appropriate adaptive changes.”

😵 “For example, if a person has a “death fright conflict”, like the neighbours who realized their house was on fire, their body has a program to increase the number of lung alveoli so that they can absorb more oxygen and make it out of the house alive. If the conflict is intense, if it goes on for a long time, or if the person is unable to release their fear and continues to relive the fear of the fire in their mind, these additional cells will continue to proliferate and appear to be a lung tumor. Now, as soon as the person resolves the conflict, their perception shifts and they are no longer freaking out about it and their brain registers this change and immediately signals the lung tissue to cease proliferation.”

👦 The boy interrupts and says “Well, what about that tumor? Does the person need to have surgery to cut it out?”

🔬 “Great question! The body has evolved alongside bacteria and fungus for millions and millions of year and that they work together. The whole time the tumor was growing, there was an increase in the number of mycobacteria in the tissue, specifically tubercular bacteria.”

🤒 “Wait, isn’t that the stuff that causes tuberculosis?”

👩‍👦 “That is what appears to cause tuberculosis. TB bactera breaks down the lung tumor. Just like you thought the red trucks caused the house fires, doctors thought that tubercular bacteria caused something they decided was a disease called tuberculosis.”

👨‍🔬 “Medical doctors know that millions of people have TB bacteria in their body, but do not have what they call the “tuberculosis infection”. They even have a name for it: “latent TB”.

☣ “That’s a clear exception to the idea that “bacteria cause disease and if we could kill all these bacteria through antibiotics and vaccination we would all be healthier and safe from disease.” This is the case with all bacteria! They know that staph and strep bacteria are present in the majority of people, and that most of those people are expressing no symptoms of sickness, yet they still try to say that bacteria “cause” disease. “

🧫“The truth is that bacteria help us! They help keep our body functioning. We evolved together and we work together. After the person resolved their Death Fright Conflict and their lung stops proliferating additional tissue cells, the TB bacteria break down the tumor.”

🍄 “Do you remember when we went hiking and saw all of those interesting mushrooms on dead logs in the forest? Do you remember how I told you that the fungus helps recycle old wood and is an important part of the ecosystem? Well, the TB bacteria are ancient mycobacteria. “Myco” means “fungus”, so these bacteria are like fungus. They act in certain tissues that are derived from our endodermal embryonic germ layer and they are controlled by the brain stem. These areas are evolutionarily the oldest tissues in our body. So, the TB bacteria break down the lung tumor, and while this is happening the person often seems very sick.”

🤒 “They are tired, they sweat at night, and they are coughing up lots of phlegm and sometimes even blood. This is because their lung is a construction site. The bacteria is breaking down the tissue that is no longer necessary because they aren’t scared of the fire anymore.”

🚒 “Fire trucks don’t show up randomly at people’s houses and they don’t cause fires.”

🔥 “They are called on at specific times to serve a specific function in the infrastructure of the city.”

💪 “Our bodies have an intelligent infrastructure that evolved for survival. Every symptom serves a purpose, every bacteria and protein particle we call a virus is present at a site of healing serving a specific function.

🤧 “Wow, so blaming sickness of bacteria is like blaming firetrucks for a fire?”

🙌 “You’ve got it!”