Cataracts – A Natural Hygiene View

Cataracts are a type of scar tissue that is a result of acid wastes present in and coming out through the eyes, causing a build up of protein material on the lens of the eye. The cataract is put in place by the body to protect the healthy cells in that area from the damaging wastes that are present and the body is trying to expel.

One of the principles of Natural Hygiene is that the body will always attempt to make a choice that is less damaging to prevent one that is more damaging.  The body puts in place protective mechanisms intelligently to allow for the outflow of waste without damage or with the least damage possible. 

The waste must be removed so the body makes the best of a difficult situation. The body is protecting itself from the wastes which are damaging the cells. The backed up waste in the system causes damage.  The body uses its innate intelligence to create protective mechanisms to keep that waste from causing further damage to healthy cells by creating a barrier of damaged cells (scar tissue) between the waste and the healthy cells.

Unfortunately, under the influence of the medical model, we take symptom suppressants such as a drug (or even a herb) and these work to stop the cleaning processes of the body. All of a sudden our symptoms disappear and we think we have got better, but instead of removing the cause of the waste all we have done is worked to stop the cleaning processes of the body. Since we do not stop the inflow/creation of waste we only temporarily stop the symptom but we increase the overall disease burden that is present in the body. 

As soon as we stop those toxins going in the body wants to go back to cleaning and repairing in the same avenue that it was before we tried to stop the cleaning processes with the medication, herb or tincture.  Consequently, the symptoms return.  The more we fight the body, the more we build the damaging wastes inside the body and the more injury we cause to our cells.

The body is simply dealing with the conditions it is dealt by us. If a person doesn’t consume poison (through dietary indiscretion and the consumption of substances not suited to our physiology) and overwork their cells, doesn’t dehydrate their body and create excess waste, the body never has to create symptoms of disease. When the body does have to deal with excess waste the symptoms it creates are done intelligently and with purpose, not haphazardly.

Once we stop putting all of the toxic crap into the body the symptoms of the body cleaning and making repairs often increase for a time before they subside. What goes in must come out eventually. Either we work with the body early on and allow the wastes to come out with minimal pain, suffering and damage, or we work against the body until the body is forced to create scar tissue to protect the remaining healthy cells.  

The body often chooses to use the same avenues of expulsion over and over again because the cells have already been weakened in those areas. The body in its infinite intelligence tries to make the best of the difficult situations we create by localizing the damage as much as possible. 

The body doesn’t want to create more weakness in other areas, therefore it uses the same avenue until all the waste is gone and the body can make its repairs fully. If we suppress that process we extend the time it takes for the body to make those repairs while also adding something to the body which is creating additional destruction that will also need to be repaired.

Scar tissue (induration) is stage 6 of disease. The tissues have been surrounded by waste and the body is utilizing scar tissue to protect the healthy cells from the conditions of disease that are present within.

If we remove the cause of the initial disease conditions by returning to the natural human diet of fruits and tender greens then we have a high likelihood of reversing cataracts and all other symptoms of disease created by the body.  If we continue to consume that which injures the body and then apply eye drops, medications or other interventions which stop the symptoms created by the body then we are likely to cause blindness as the body can only manage the damage for so long.  

Remove the cause of the body’s discomfort, lift the burden off your self healing body and the body will reward you with a state of complete health.