You Can’t Suppress a Healing Crisis and Get Better

We have been encultured to see any physical suffering which arises from the natural process of healing as adverse. When you are a child and want to go play in the snow, your well-meaning mother tells you to put a coat on in case you get a cold, even though acclimatizing yourself to the cold will make you more resilient. When you are ill and don’t feel like eating, your well-meaning father tells you that you had better eat something to gain your strength. He doesn’t know that all animals fast drinking only water when sick or injured. Half of our energy goes to digestion and fasting frees up all that energy to heal and cleanse the body. More and more children are kept in a sanitary bubble and not exposed to microbes which they need exposure to in order to build their immune system. This is nature’s immunization program. We have come to think that we know better than nature, but this is a big mistake that is literally killing us by the millions!

If you have something inside you that is harmful to your health, you should want your body to reject and remove it. Why then, when you get a runny nose, does mainstream medical science give you a medication to stop it from running? A headache could be caused by toxins entering your blood on the way to the kidneys and liver to be removed. It is a sign that too many synthetic chemicals have entered the body already and it’s time to putting you on a detox program or a juice cleanse.

If the body is prevented from detoxifying itself our health is bound to deteriorate. What naturopathic doctors have been trying to teach is that when toxins attempt to leave the body, we are often not going to feel good.

Often, we are so unconscious of the fact we are detoxing that we will just get cravings for junk foods that stop the cleansing process and make us feel “normal” again. These are called “comfort foods” for a reason. They make us feel comfortable with being toxic. They switch the body’s attention from removal of toxins to our digestive system. But only for a while! As our condition gets worse, eating another pizza will no longer cut it. We will have to go to our doctor and get something stronger to dull the pain. Now we are in serious trouble! We don’t even realize what is driving our bad eating, we think we must just be weak-minded and feel bad about ourselves for it, which is also a form of harmful toxicity in itself.

Similarly, a lot of people don’t even take any exercise because it makes them feel bad. They think the only they feel bad is because they are really unfit, but even though they may be very unfit, that is not the only reason or even the main reason. It’s also because when the tissues get stretched and strained, toxins get pushed out of them into the blood stream to leave the bladder via the kidneys and liver. Exercise is part of the detoxification process – the fountain of youth. It also makes us sweat which helps push toxins out through the sweat glands in our skin, which is also one of the detoxification organs, some say “the third kidney”. So, detoxifying the body should also make it easier for you to exercise.

God built into us actual communication devices that are telling you that there is a cellular factory malfunction. For example, if there are cells in the brain that are being affected, depending on what part of the brain, usually you’ve got a headache. If it’s in the frontal lobe, usually heavy metals of aluminum or cadmium or mercury or lead, you’re going to get a copy of brain fog first, where memory and cognitive thinking is impaired, of not being able to focus and then, if that’s not addressed, eventually you create the “label” of Alzheimer’s. Short-term memory would be gone. Or if it’s the substantia nigra cells in the back of the brain getting suffocated and coded then you’re going to have dopamine production problems and motor skill problems, you are going to get tremors of gait festination and you’re going to be given a label called Parkinson’s disease.

If you have the symptoms of acne, eczema, rosacea, hives, melasma, scleroderma, psoriasis, dermatomyositis (or any of the other 3000 defined varieties of skin disease described in the medical literature) then that would tell you that you a skin cell malfunction that’s in the dermis or epidermis. Inflammation of the skin or some type of rash depending on what type of cell is affected. Rosacea and other names are fancy terms given to the type of rash. Is it a red rash? Is it blotchy? Is it scaly? Is it shiny? and so forth. These are not different diseases, they’re just various cellular malfunctions which are variations of the same disease.

The symptom of a parietal cell that produces hydrochloric acid, if that is overstimulated, you’re going to get acid reflux, and then you’re going to get that burning in your esophagus. And that’s telling you that that you have a cellular factor malfunction in the parietal cells. If you have a cellular malfunction in the heart cells. you’re going to have palpitations; you’re going to have arrhythmias, and eventually going to have angina pain. That’s going to tell you there is some type of cell factory malfunction in the cardiac tissue or the actual tubular structures in and around the heart that create blood flow. There’s stenosis or a narrowing there for a blockage through plaque buildup.

If you have a cellular malfunction to the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas, you’re going to get lightheadedness, and you’re going to get the symptoms of high blood sugar, and you’re going to get circulatory problems. Eventually you could get gangrene conditions, and if you don’t fix it, eventually, it’ll manifest into a coma if you don’t address the diabetic situation.

So, in short, most of what we call sickness and disease are simply the result of our body’s natural reaction to the foreign acids and toxins to which we so frequently expose them. Every single cell factory gives you a symptom indication of what is happening. But most people shove it under the carpet and hope it goes away because they don’t want to see a doctor. Even if they go to a doctor, the doctor knocks out the warning signal. They end up knocking out that symptom telling you there’s a cellular malfunction. The danger to that is the patient thinks they’re well because they don’t feel the signal. Very few people will go and investigate and discover what is actually going on with their body, but the time is coming when we will have no choice because everyone is getting so sick that if we don’t change course there will be no one left to look after them.

If you want to heal, you can’t go against the healing systems; you have to go with them. You can’t suppress the healing crisis and get better. When you stop up inflammation, you just stop the healing. So, you’ve cured the cure by using the “anti” meds and suppressive pills. Now, again, in a trauma situation, when you have pain so bad that you can’t get out of bed to go to work, then take the analgesic; but then address the causative factor of the cellular malfunction. Buy yourself time. But then investigate what’s causing that pain, what’s causing the inflammation. Once you address the cellular malfunction, the symptom disappears. The pain goes away, the skin rashes go away, whatever the problem is will go away when you address the cellular malfunction. Instead practicing symptomology – symptom management, you go down deep to the root of the problem. You fix the cellular insufficiencies and remove the cellular toxicities, then you fix the meridian blockages or the tubular blockages to that particular cell. And eventually the internal doctor, the self-healing systems, kicks in. Just like with the broken arm or cut in the finger. It wasn’t the cast that healed the broken bone. It wasn’t the band-aid that healed the cut. It was what you ate, what you drank, the oxygen you breathed, the proteins, the vitamins, the minerals, the blood circulation to the injured area, that built your body. There is nothing that medical doctors can do to fix that condition other than giving you an analgesic to kill the pain and allow time to heal on its own.

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