The Body is Not a Chemistry Set

I will never forget the day when my dad told me, “You better be putting some meat on your bones if you’re going to play football – otherwise you’re not going to be able to play.”

I was one of those skinny runts, 5’7 tall and 102 pounds. So, I buried myself in the basement for bodybuilding. Even at 16 years old, something was put inside of me to learn this human biological machine and how it ticks. I started dissecting every magazine, every Scientific American, every textbook on physiology and anatomy and physics I could find.

As time went on, I excelled at the sport of bodybuilding. I won the Western USA at 21, and moved to the Mecca of bodybuilding in Venice Beach, California. There, in the 1980s, I learned more working with pro-athletes than I ever did with the knowledge from the academic textbooks. Most of my knowledge had been completely self-taught.

Very few people know that the abuse of steroids was just as prevalent back then as they are now, it just didn’t surface in the media until much later. Because I had already gained this extensive knowledge in nutritional biochemistry and antibiotic energetic therapies, I started thinking, “Okay, I can take these athletes under my wing and teach them how to do these drugs correctly, so they don’t hurt their liver, and they won’t mess up their hormonal systems, or cause toxicity to the body and shut down their gonads with the testosterone.”

I was looking at the human body like it was just an intricate chemistry set. If I could only find the right chemistry to put in, then I could fix it just the way I wanted to. But I had to learn the hard way… there is no way for bodybuilders to take steroids safely! Careful as we were running body temperature, receptor mapping, and taking every precaution, nothing worked. Whatever I did, I would find that athletes came down with road rage, depression, suicidal tendencies, and other side effects. I started thinking to myself, “Why would an increase in testosterone affect emotions?” I mean, how could depression come from increasing a hormone?

The answer is that none of the body’s hormones work separately. They all work in concert like an orchestra. You can’t take testosterone without affecting thyroxin, DHEA, cortisol, estrogen, DHT, and all the other hormones. There is no such thing as a safe dosage because you are manipulating hormonal processes. The body needs to produce its own hormones naturally — not artificially. Early on, even as a young kid of 24 years old, I started realizing that you cannot use synthetic chemicals to manipulate human biochemistry without detrimental consequences.

The human body, in its composition is made up of living, organic chemistry. It is not designed to receive synthetic chemicals outside of what the body itself is made of.  This human biological machine cannot function on synthetic, inorganic chemistry. It never has and never will. That’s why pharmaceutical chemistry can never work to heal the body, ever.

Now we can fix symptoms with Western Medicine, and it can symptom-suppress at the cellular level, but the pharmaceutical drug, or even a vaccination, – because it’s synthetic – can never work in a human because it’s rejected as foreign antigen. Antigens are toxins or other foreign substances which induce an immune response in the body.

The drug will manipulate cell processes in order to speed them up or slow them down, but the consequence of manipulating one cell process is that they all get manipulated because the cells talk to each other. The cell rejects the chemical as a foreign substance as a poison and lets out a cry of pain. You manipulate one system over here and you threw off four more off their homeostatic balance over there, just like I did with the bodybuilders. That’s where you get side effects.

All drugs have side effects, as we all know, but the reality is when you have side effects, what you have are actually just effects. The direct effects of putting synthetic antigens into the body. This could not have been made clearer than when The Upjohn Company (now Pfizer) found that their drug Minoxidil, originally manufactured to lower blood pressure, grew hair back in some balding patients. They simply switched the marketed effect for what had previously been considered the side effect, and they had a drug for balding which just so happened to lower blood pressure.

I sometimes say in my presentations that pharmaceuticals don’t cause side effects, they cause diseases! If you have a headache and you take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS), like ibuprofen, then get a bleeding ulcer as an aggravated side effect, you just gave yourself another disease! If you have fluid retention due to heart failure and you take a diuretic drug that vacuums out much of your potassium and other electrolytes, and that then triggers arrhythmias that could possibly lead to cardiac arrest; all we can say is that the diuretics you were prescribed just caused a new disease. And if another round of pills is needed to treat those side effects, then so much better for the drug manufacturers.

The thing is, the university professors can’t very well tell the med-students, “Hey, you’re going to get direct effects! You’re going to be giving your patients diseases by prescribing them these pharmaceutical compounds.” So, they have to tell them to just look out for the side effects. “Side effects are necessary for therapeutic value.” That’s what’s instilled in the students at Med School.

We have our own bacteria inside our gut such as lactobacilli, bifidifobacteria and what have you. There are more than five hundred different strains of probiotic, good bacteria, five pounds of them in our gut alone, that keep the bad bacteria in check, like foxes and rabbits. Antibiotics don’t just kill microorganisms which are harmful to us, but the good bacteria which are meant to keep them in check and help us digest compounds we couldn’t otherwise metabolize. This is now accepted science. Changing the numbers and species of gut flora can also reduce the body’s ability to ferment carbohydrates and metabolize bile acids. Antibiotics have also bred these new drug-resistant bacteria that are difficult to treat with medications. You allow those virulent strains to take over because the good bacteria that is meant to keep them in check is killed in the process of fighting the bad with drugs. An example of this is clostridium difficile infections often caused as a result of administering antibiotics in hospital. This can be transmitted from person to person by person, cause severe damage to the colon, and even be fatal.

Intestinal diseases like colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease were all relatively uncommon before the use of antibiotics became widespread. Chances are they have partly been promoted by too many bouts of antibiotics destroying the microbiome, which is the collection of good bacteria that live on the inside of the human body. You do not want to take antibiotics unless you absolutely have to! The bacteria they kill are nature’s garbage men. We need them!

What you want are probiotics, not antibiotics. The word “anti” means, what? Against! What are drug names in allopathic medicine? Anti-psychotics, anti-cholinergic, anti-inflammatories, anti-bio – life! Anti-biotics. Anti-histamines, anti-inflammatories, anti-diuretics, decongestants, proton pump inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, beta blockers. All these treatments rob nutritional elements, make cellular respiration worse, cause dehydration, wipe out the immune system, and make cellular pH more acidic, allowing future opportunistic infections and disease to flourish. You don’t want to block the self-healing system. You want to go with it; to enhance the healing.

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