Symptom of Cure or Symptom of Disease?

The human body is an intelligent system that is self-maintaining and self-healing. Think of the last time you got a cut or a bruise somewhere in your body. Did you have to try to heal it, or did it heal all by itself?
That is the intelligence of the body.

The body is always striving to keep us alive. If you are bleeding, the blood will clot in attempt to prevent you from losing too much. If you lose one kidney the body will do its best to manage with only the other. In fact, over 75% of your liver could be surgically removed and it will still grow back – although I don’t recommend trying this at home!

Now, obviously, the body’s capacity for self-repair is not unlimited. If a vital organ damaged beyond repair, there’s nothing much the body can do about that. If a severe injury is inflicted too fast, it’s lights out! We are not superhuman.

That being said, in the same way that the body has the capacity to repair from cuts, bruises, scrapes (and even the loss of half your liver) the body also has the ability to repair and recover from disease. It will do it’s best to fight off infection and flush out harmful antigens through its detoxification channels, which are the mouth, nose, skin, urinary tract, and colon. But it’s ability to do this is also not unlimited. For example, if you live in a house full of mold or asbestos fibers you will get sick. Your body just can’t cope with breathing that much of a toxic chemical all at once on a daily basis. Once the body becomes overwhelmed by toxins and overstressed by foreign invaders, it has no choice but to manifest the unpleasant conditions which results from its vigorous attempts to rid itself of these poisons.

As the body attempts to remove unwanted guests through the detoxification channels, we get what medical science rightly call symptoms. However, mainstream medical science fails to understand what these symptoms are. They think something is going wrong with the body, when actually these symptoms are the intelligence of the body at work. They are symptoms of the detoxification process, or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the symptoms of healing.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the healing symptoms that mainstream medicine mistakes for illness.

Fever is the body’s attempt to kill off invading microbes by increasing our temperature and make itself an inhospitable environment for them to live in. When you suppress a fever with pharmaceuticals you block of the self-healing process. The doctors are not more intelligent than nature. The body knows what it is doing!

Metabolism is accelerated by increasing the temperature of the body and this enhances the body’s ability to eject unwanted toxins by liquifying them so they can pass into the blood, which takes them out the body through the channels of elimination.

So long as the fever is below 105°F (40.5°C) taken orally then while it may be uncomfortable, it is not dangerous. If it does start to reach dangerous temperatures, then the risk of harm should be taken seriously. It can be treated by bathing the body in cold water. All sugar should be eliminated during a fever, including fruit juice and honey as it makes the immune system weaker when someone is ill. Fasting is a better option still. All animals fast when sick, drinking only water.

The Common Cold is the body’s healing crisis response to a viral infection causing mucous secretions in the sinus tubes, lung tubes or intestinal tubes. The uncomfortable symptoms of coughing up mucous, sinus drainage, sweating and intestinal diarrhea are the body’s built-in purging mechanisms for tubular drainage of acids, parasites, mucous and toxins. A lot of doctors don’t understand that the runny nose is an intelligent purging mechanism of mucus secretions that trap viruses and toxins so the nasal passages can eliminate them through the sinus area. They consider it a nuisance and are taught to give decongestants to block the process. Stop up the cough, stop up the fever, stop up the runny nose, stop up the diuretic stools, and what they’re doing is shoving the toxins back down into your body where they aren’t wanted. Now the disease lasts longer from the suppression of symptoms, when it could have run its course in three days if you had allowed the purging to take place through perspiration, bowel elimination, urination, respiration, and nasal elimination. Sometimes we also eliminate through the ears or eyes.

Mucous. The mucosal cells of the body will spit out mucus in an attempt to trap invading microorganisms and toxins in a spider web to pull them up into an elimination route, such as the nose or the mouth. These are intelligent purging systems of a healing crisis. The doctors, in their infinite genius will give you cough syrup to make it stop. In their ignorance they just shoved the disease deeper. Worse conditions are now in the mail.

Diarrhea is a toilet flush mechanism to get the stuff that is not needed out of the colon. If you’re sweating, severe perspiration is the body’s way of saying, “Look! You’ve got so much bacterial and viral invasions that I have to create a heat now a heat to kill off the viruses and move them into the skin through diaphoresis.” Hopefully, you’ll get the message, get under a blanket, and shiver and sweat to get the stuff out.

Inflammation is related to so many of the different disease labels we are given. In fact, it is hard to find an example of a disease which does not involve inflammation. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes. Doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to deal with it, but they never stop to ask what causes inflammation in the first place. Inflammation is the body tissues’ response to irritation or injury. Inflammation increases the blood flow to an affected area. Like all symptoms, it’s the body’s own attempt to heal itself. Suppressing the inflammation, which admittedly may be painful, uncomfortable, and even cause problems, will block the self-healing process without removing the cause of the inflammation which is the gathering of toxic substances in the affected tissues.

The real treatment for inflammation should not be mere repression of it with anti-inflammatories, although in some extreme cases this might be necessary in the short term to buy the patient time to heal. It is addressing the underlying cellular condition of the body, so that the tissues are not irritated and injured. Once this is done, the miracle is – inflammation goes away.

Allergies. Millions of people suffer from allergies caused by everyday exposure to dust mites, cat dander, and pollen; workplace contaminants like PCB’s, turpentine, asbestos, latex, benzene; as well as many foods of course. What is called an allergy is nothing more than the irritation of an already chronically inflamed nasal passage or lung tissue from a pronounced toxemic condition.

Allergies are a sign that the body’s toxic threshold has been breached. Supposing you turned on every light and appliance in your home and left them on all day, then later, you flip a switch in your office to turn on your computer and the power goes out in the whole house. It wasn’t exactly the tiny computer switch that caused the blackout, was it? It was the total overload of electricity that caused the failure. With allergies, that one little extra stress is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Therefore, sinus swelling, runny nose, skin reactions, tearing eyes, and elimination symptoms can eventually disappear through a powerful cleansing program of ingesting beneficial cleansing substances such as wheat grass and fresh vegetable juice. Yeast and fungus, whose wastes are acid, may contribute significantly to your hay fever and sneezing. If you address the cellular environment to make it inhospitable to them, it will be virtually impossible for you to manifest allergies. Toxemia irritation is the cause of all inflammation, including in the intestinal lining and epithelial lining in the lungs. This stage of inflammation is characterized by all the “itises” such as sinusitis, nephritis, hepatitis, meningitis, appendicitis, etc.

There is now significant evidence mounting to suggest that vaccines can cause allergies (as well as asthma), although official sources continue to deny the link. The herbicide glyphosate (commonly known by the brand name Roundup) has also been implicated as a causal factor in creating coeliac disease (gluten intolerance).

Obesity is caused by a decelerating cellular metabolism due to a lack of oxygen caused by low body pH. With a reducing metabolic rate, the body does not dispose of unburned food, which is then stored to be burned at a later time. However, for some people, tomorrow never comes. Many people just keep adding to the fatty reservoir. There is not much blood flow around fats, so these fatty acids generally form under the skin as dreaded cellulite, piling up on men’s waistline and women’s hips, thighs and breasts. As the body is malnourished and has malabsorption problems, the victim will get cravings for carbohydrates and fats and the more they eat, the more they put on weight. When they exercise, they will begin to detox into the blood stream. They won’t feel good, and if they don’t understand why, they will probably stop. So, the problem escalates. Only if you truly understand the process that creates obesity will have the motivation to drink alkaline beverages and eat alkaline foods that burn quickly. Anything you can do to help your body dispose of acidic waste on a regular basis should be a priority. And remember: “A man lives on one third of what he eats, on the other two thirds lives his doctor.”

Heart Disease is the first leading cause of death in the United States, and Stroke is the fourth. Recent evidence suggests that certain viruses play a major role in the build-up of plaque in the arteries. If we were to take Pasteur’s Germ Theory at face value, then killing the microbes in the bloodstream should cure the disease. It is my belief that plaque is a built-in protection system that keeps the viruses, bacteria and acids from killing you on the spot. Without the plaque build-up, these acids and pathogens would bore right through blood vessels and arterial walls, causing stroke or hemorrhage. Felicia Drury Kliment, author of The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet (2002), explains it like this: “Acidic waste in the blood makes scratches and tears on the inside walls of the blood vessels… forcing the immune system to defend the walls of the arteries and veins by…  patching injuries in the lining of the vessels with fatty plaques to prevent life-threatening leaks, and reacting to arterial degeneration the same way it does to bodily injury from accidents – by triggering the flow of blood to the area which inflames the walls of the arteries. These measures prevent imminent death but set up the conditions for a heart attack. All that has to occur is for a blood clot to form, which blocked the flow of blood to the heart.”

Although there are other factors involved with cardiovascular disease, the acid link cannot be overlooked. Running a simple pH test and having your blood checked using darkfield microscopy will tell you in seconds what’s going on in your body and whether or not you’re vulnerable for a heart attack or stroke. Switch to a predominantly alkaline diet, as Kliment suggests, and watch your condition improve.

Arthritis, as I have already explained, simply means inflammation of the joints. The term is used to describe more than 100 rheumatic diseases that cause pain, stiffness and swelling. It is caused by the body cleaning acids and toxins from the blood, which is our life force, into the joints, which are comparatively non-vital. The accumulated acid damages cartilage and coats the cells causing an irritating dryness and swelling in the joints. Unfortunately, the joints have limited blood circulation to carry out the acid wastes. Osteoarthritis, thought to be a progressive, degenerative disorder down to just the “wear and tear” of the aging process, can be arrested or reversed, as the damaged cartilage tissue actually tries to remodel and repair itself. In my years of research, I’ve discovered that detoxification protocols coupled with an alkalizing diet and beneficial supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, ginger root, Boswellia, and MSM, will usually relieve arthritis within a very short period of time.

Osteoporosis. If the blood becomes acidic, it will pull alkaline electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and vital trace minerals from the bones and teeth (as well as the heart, muscles, and other soft tissues) in order to restore balance and become neutral again. The body knows that if the blood does not stay within the normal range, then that’s the real risk, so this is an intelligent a system as you can imagine, designed to prevent your death! The body will always attempt to make a choice that is less damaging to prevent one that is more damaging. Nonetheless, this causes mineral deficiencies in the bones and teeth which then become brittle from a lack of calcium. We can get these minerals primarily from green foods. Increasing calcium intake is only a compensatory mechanism, however. It’s more important still to cut out refined sugars and other very acid forming foods.

Despite being widely promoted as beneficial, dairy products are a terrible source of calcium because they are typically very acidic. Protein consumption is also known to inhibit calcium absorption. If populations in China who consume almost no dairy products have the lowest rates of osteoporosis, then how can dairy products be the best source of calcium? By contrast, The USA, Sweden, Finland, Israel, and the United Kingdom are some of the greatest dairy consumers and have high rates of osteoporosis. Hong Kong, Singapore and some places in Africa where they consume no dairy have the lowest.

Milk is thought to hasten aging, while pasteurizing milk renders most of the calcium contained in it insoluble. The Vitamin D content in milk is also insignificant. It is estimated that approximately eight out of ten people are allergic to milk. Plant-based calcium sources also contain magnesium, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium. Almonds, summer squash, sesame seeds and spinach, for example, have a one-to-one ratio of calcium to magnesium.

Bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, and parasites are nature’s clean-up crew. When you have stagnation in an organ or a system with no lymphatic flow or no blood flow, then the “stagnant swamp” is going to attract scavengers. These creepy-crawlies come in to clean up your mess because you didn’t. Nature says, “Hey, I gave you the opportunity to move the blood through exercise; I gave you the opportunity to open up the skin through a sauna or get outside and run and sweat; I gave you the opportunity to do something to open up your colon and your urinary tract through simple as water hydration; but you’re not doing it, and now I’m going to send my scavengers in, my bacteria, my viruses, and my fluke worms, and now you’re going to have a secondary invasion if you don’t clean that mess up!” This is all part of nature’s beauty and perfection. It’s an intelligent system that is there as the manifestation of a healing crisis. The irony is the mainstream doctors think everything that is trying to help you is out to hurt you. So, they will try to kill the bacterial infections. The problem is the cellular malfunctions are still intact when they wipe out the microbes with antifungals and antibiotics. They need to start treating the patient instead of just the symptom.

Pneumonia occurs when the detoxification channels are so overloaded that the body must attempt to use the lungs and sinuses as primary channels of elimination for all of the excess waste. In ideal circumstances the body would simply use the colon, but most people in western countries on standard diets already have as many as ten to fifteen meals backed up in that area, so fast elimination through the alimentary canal is no longer a viable emergency option and the body must resort to extremes. Medical science blames this on infection of the lungs by bacteria, viruses and fungi, but these are not the cause of it – they are they because of it. Killing them off with antibiotics will not help. Better to drink lots of water, rest well and consider going off solid food onto juices to help clean the system out.

Edema. Edema is a protective process in which the body retains water to dilute chemicals it does not want to concentrate in the cells. It is usually caused by the excessive consumption of mineral salts, but sometimes it can be caused by medication, ureic acid or other chemicals instead. Loren Lockman (of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica) tells the story of a client who came to fast with him after having severe edema for two years. His legs had swollen up beyond all recognition and at this point his doctor had said he had 2 months to live. He had already been prescribed diuretics in the hope that he would pee the water out, but they didn’t work, so the doctor doubled the dosage. When that didn’t work, he doubled the dose again, but nothing worked because the man’s body was more intelligent than the doctor and obviously wanted to hold on to the water to protect his vital organs from whatever chemicals the man shouldn’t have ingested. Lockman reports that after fasting, drinking nothing but water for four days, the man’s edema had cleared completely. He had, however, spent the entire third day in the bathroom. Once the intelligent body had a break it could wash the uric acid in his leg out through the urinary tract, and then he didn’t need to hold the water anymore. The body dropped it effortlessly.

Tumor. The actress Angelina Jolie famously chose to have both her breasts removed because she had a gene called BRCA1, which she was told gave her a high chance of developing breast cancer. Today, radical mastectomies are rarely performed. After the doctors butchered thousands of women, slicing their breasts of needlessly, studies finally showed that a lumpectomy with radiation was just as effective while far less traumatic to the patient. To add insult to iatrogenic injury, the BRCA1 gene that is associated with breast cancer only occurs with a mutation of the gene. In its healthy state, the same gene itself fixes genetic mutations.

You would expect that medical science would want to know what causes genes in the DNA to mutate in the first place so they could prevent it, but according to their ideology these things just happen. It’s all just the luck of the draw. They expect the body to break down. Now, we know from the BRCA1 gene that the body actually has processes to fix genetic mutations, so, the question is, what interrupts this process and allows cancer to form? If the mainstream doctors could only answer that question, then we could prevent cancer from occurring, but that is not the way they look at medicine. They see cancer as something to treat, but by the time the cancer is ready to treat, the body as a whole is already far sicker than it ought to have ever been allowed to become in the first place.

The sad thing is that the tumor is not even the cancer. The tumor is the side-effect of the cancer process that is a systematic, whole-body disease that only shows up as a tumor site. The tumor is an intelligent system. A protein-fiber wrap that encapsulates mutated, foreign cells, cysts, pulps, lipomas or fibroids in the body’s weakest links or target zones. These zones are the storage bins for excess acids and toxins built up in the blood. That means the tumor is a natural protection mechanism preventing dangerous cancer cells from spilling back into the bloodstream or lymphatic system and spreading secondary tumor sites. It’s the body’s way of cocooning off the run-away process of cancer cells dividing from spreading and spilling out to damage the whole body. The fibrinogen wrap attaches itself to the organ to protect the organ from its contents. It follows, that this tumor formation is not the disease – it’s a survival mechanism designed to stop the disease from killing you!

The first thing the oncologists will do to this cocoon is poke it with a needle during the biopsy. That’s a horrible idea! They pop the bubble and all the pustulants, and the dried blood, and the mucus, and everything else that the intelligent body has gone to such great lengths to protect you from is poured back into the blood and the lymphatics and it spills all over the body. Then people wonder why they get secondary tumors! The cancer cells will seek another dark, damp, moist, low oxygen, low pH, toxic, sugary environment to incubate in – but you’re not going to know that the secondary tumor came from their test needle. They don’t understand cause and effect.

There is not one cancer treatment in mainstream medicine that administers non-toxic treatments to boost and modulate the immune system, correct nutritional deficiencies, strengthen organs, cells and tissues, remove cancer causing toxins from the body, alkalize the pH, increase metabolic energy or strengthen the emotional and spiritual state of the patient, which are all necessary for ridding the body cancer.

We are told even by official authorities that everyone has cancer cells growing in them all the time, but so long as you stay healthy you won’t even know that you had them. When the immune system is not overburdened it can take care of small break outs of cancer process relatively easy. In the modern world where everyone’s immune system is compromised by the permanent onslaught of toxic chemicals (as well as all the things we know are bad for us that we just keep eating, drinking and smoking) it becomes more and more difficult to fend off cancer as we get older. While the immune system is chewing on toxins and heavy metals and infections, the cancer exponentially doubles, and the immune system cannot get over there to gobble it up fast enough to prevent a tumor from forming. Intermittent fasting is now recognized to stave off these early cancer cells which have a much greater appetite than the cells of our own body and can be adopted as a preventative measure.

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