Pharmaceutical medicines don’t treat diseases, only mitigate symptoms.

None of the mainstream medicines are prescribed to cure anything, because in mainstream medicine they don’t actually believe you can cure anything. In their view, the body doesn’t have the power to fix itself, because if it did then it wouldn’t have got sick in the first place. They think that the body is on a pre-determined course to breaking down little by little like a car destined for the scrapyard. You’re just on the road to the grave, and your imperfect parts are bound to break down along the way, so the best you can hope for is not to feel the pain of your injuries. Then how come I saw so many strong, healthy people in their 80s with no chronic diseases when I was in Rishikesh, India the birthplace of yoga?

The mainstream doctors are dispensing pills with harmful side effects left and right and they should only be used in the short term to comfort the patient, mitigate symptoms, and buy them time while you attend to the underlying cause of disease.  

Meanwhile, the symptoms appear go away and you are thinking, “Wow, my rash or headache has gone, the wonders of modern medicine, huh? I’m getting better already!” No, you’re not! As far as the disease process is concerned you are getting worse, and now your body needs to deal with the harmful compounds in the pharmaceutical that is bound to cause side-effects. Soon you’ll be back to the doctor with a raft of other symptoms of another disease which needs medicated with more pills like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

You’ve been doing all the right things. You’ve seen all the right specialists, took all the meds you’ve been prescribed, exactly when you’ve been told to take them: Statins for your cholesterol, ACEs for your blood pressure, NSAIDS for your pain and inflammation, you’ve done everything the doctor told you to, and you wonder why nothing is working. You start to wonder why life is so unfair and you can’t just have a normal body that doesn’t keep breaking down on you and throwing up symptoms no matter what you do. The doctor just comes in to mitigate your symptoms while you deteriorate with expensive pharmaceutical drugs. My teacher Gary Tunsky (1960-2019) used to call this David Copperfield Medicine, after the famous stage magician. It’s the illusion that you’re getting better when you’re actually getting worse. He said it would be like going to the mechanic because a red light went off in your car to tell you there was something wrong, and he just snipped the wire to the light and said, “There you go, all fixed! That’ll be 300 bucks please!”

Health comes on a spectrum from very well to very sick. You are not either diseased or healthy. I know that sounds obvious, but the mainstream medical mentality says that you’re healthy until you get sick and need treatment. Then, of course, it’s CACHING! But until then, – we don’t care about you. That’s why everyone it getting sicker and sicker while Big Pharma gets richer and richer. They don’t act ahead of time, and they don’t understand disease etiology (origins) so they can’t reverse it! You need to treat the whole patient – not just the symptom. A drug has no nutritional elements in it, so how can it help you build healthier tissues? As your tissues get sicker, you get sicker, which means more and more symptoms.

Why do people with more inflammation end up with more cancer? Why do people who have fibromyalgia as often as not have lupus? Why do people with Parkinson’s disease often get dementia in the advanced stages? Why do more than a third of them get depression and anxiety? Why do they get sensory, sleep, and emotional problems? It’s because these aren’t actually different diseases but the cascading consequences of the same underlying disease growing more severe. The patient first got ill with something minor long before it progressed to a severe condition like Parkinson’s. Because that wasn’t treated properly, the underlying cellular condition of the patient got worse, and this manifested in more symptoms which, collectively, the doctors refer to as “Parkinson’s Disease.” But the doctors still don’t know how to treat the underlying cause, so it continues to get worse and worse, until the poor individual has suffered so much nerve-damage that they start tremoring, experiencing rigidity, loss of balance, and finally can’t even walk unaided. Eventually they need around-the-clock nursing care and may experience hallucinations and delusions. It’s an unspeakably tragic – and the more so, because so often it could have been prevented with the correct care.

When each condition is seen as separate it needs its own medication, with its own side-effects, that may also require treatment. One blood pressure medicine, one for heart burn, one for arthritis, one anti-inflammatory, one anti-depressant, one pain medication, one for your insomnia, a pill for every ill. When you realize there is one common cause to all of it – that ALL symptoms arise out of the underlying cellular condition of the body – then that is what you treat. We treat the underlying cause – and all its outward manifestations will disappear.

When you understand that health is on a spectrum you think of things differently. You think of preventing disease and attending to the underlying causes of disease when they arise, rather than just popping pills or rubbing on creams to make the symptoms go away.

“You cannot heal selectively,” as Charlotte Gerson would say, “If you truly heal – everything heals.”

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