Myocarditis is not a Disease… it’s a symptom!

“Physicians think they are doing something for you by labelling what you have as a disease”

– Immanuel Kant

You go to the doctor and say: “Hey doc, my heart hurts!”

And the doc says, “I know what that’s caused by! You’ve got inflammation of the heart!”

You might rightly be tempted to ask what caused the inflammation in the first place!

Myo means muscle, and carditis means inflammation of the heart. So myocarditis means inflammation of the heart muscle.

The same goes for so many of these latin-named diseases. As my teacher, the late, great Gary Tunsky, used to say… Fibromyalgia just means pain (algia) in the fibrous muscle tissue. Arthritis just means inflammation (itis) of the joints (artho).

Doctors describe your symptoms in latin and you are meant to be thankful for getting clarity on what disease you actually have. Here’s the thing – describing your symptoms back to you in latin does not get you one step closer to understanding what exactly is going on in your body and how to return it to health.

The question is, when it comes to any disease, but lets start with Myocarditis, what is causing the inflammation of the heart muscles in the first place?

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