Ill-Health is NOT about Genetics!

“Bad luck! It must be in your genes!”

That’s what the mainstream doctors will say once they’ve fleeced your insurance for all its worth and all their hokey treatments fail to save you. It’s not your diet, or the fact you don’t exercise or take the right supplements, or the fact they are constantly pumping toxic chemicals into your air, food and water supply. It’s not their toxic drugs that masked your symptoms while your underlying condition deteriorated. It’s bad genes. That’s what the problem is.

That’s because they’re setting up for genetic engineering. They’re going to be charging you 20 Grand for a gene splice.

Bruce Lipton, PhD. found that genetics are not the cause of disease. The Biology of Belief is the title of his book. In it he explains that it’s the environment and what the genes have been hit with. What’s been said to you that day, what’s been done to you that day; your nutritional status that day, your hydration status that day. They have all been hitting the gene. So, it’s a gene expression. It’s a negative expression on the gene, not the gene itself.

Biochemistry orchestrates genetics by way of a phenomenon called epigenetics. The activation and deactivation of genes according to your behaviors and environment that affect the way your genetic code manifests without any change to the underlying DNA sequence. The same genes and genetic effects can be turned off or on. Yet when their treatments fail, they pawn it off on us again, saying “it’s all in the genes.” I call it the Calvin Klein theory of health and disease.

We know from the epigenetic research of Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM. N.D., that mineral deficiencies are directly related to gene expression. He is a biomedical research pioneer who spent more than 40 years observing and researching the effects of individual nutrients on health. He discovered that many conditions that were thought to be genetic could be prevented by mineral treatments to the mother in the months leading up to pregnancy or birth. They were congenital or perinatal disorders, caused by mineral deficiencies in the mother of the baby.

Francis Crick, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the structure of DNA along with James Watson and Maurice Wilkins, was blackballed from the scientific community because he said that decoding gene sequences is a waste of time as the roots of disease are biochemical rather than genetic. If he were right, that would mean the medical industry was pouring billions into genetic research for nothing.

If your doctor tells you that your disease is genetic, try this: ask him to tell you exactly what gene is responsible for your condition. Now that will really stump him! Unless it’s Huntington’s disease, or a congenital genetic defect, he won’t be able to do it! After decades of gene-hunting, Huntington’s is one of the very few examples they have found of a specific gene causing a specific condition. They have found hundreds of genes that may be correlated with Schizophrenia, but just having these genes offers them nothing in the way of being able to predict who will actually develop Schizophrenia and who won’t. There are genes that appear to pre-dispose people to depression, but whether they actually suffer from depression or not hangs more on having traumatic life events like the loss of a loved one, a major car accident, parental abuse and neglect, etcetera.

It’s not the genes. That’s just a way of saying its outside of your control so you have no choice but to pay for their expensive treatments. But this belief appeals to many patients as well as doctors, because if they don’t have any control over it then they don’t need to change their unhealthy habits. There’s nothing they can do to fix it. They just need to call in the experts to take care of them. Based on my many years of research in disease pathology I would estimate that genetic anomalies, congenital deformities, and permanent organ injuries account for approximately only 5% of the health problems that plague America. The other 95% of mankind’s diseases arise from cellular toxicities and nutritional insufficiencies. The causes include: an impoverished diet, continuous exposures to environmental poisons, food and beverage contaminants, an overabundance of chemicals absorbed through the skin such as chlorine, fluoride, water pollutants, the seemingly unlimited invisible toxins found in many hygiene products, cosmetics and household cleaners, and what have you.

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