If germs alone caused disease, we’d all be dead!

Germs are found in our guts, our blood, and every organ of our body. No one is sterile, as Louis Pasteur put it. We each live symbiotically with billions and billions of bacteria. We have parasites, fungal forms, and viruses everywhere from head to toe – but most of the time, we do not get sick.

Western medicine is founded upon the premise that germs cause disease, but this is their biggest mistake! This myth is perpetuated through medical school training, in fact – you will not likely pass medical school training unless you accept this dogma, because it justifies the prescription of all the “anti-s.” Antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals. Antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics. So, when you ask your MD what he thinks, remember there’s a huge economic industry built around the medical paradigm he has been in-doctor-inated into. But – it has nothing to do with science!

Bacteria, fungus and viral infections are all secondary to sick tissue. The cellular environment of the body will either allow for the incubation of infection or provide healthy cell structures that can ward it off and keep it at bay.

So, what causes disease?

It’s the Environment, Stupid!

Let’s take some examples from nature.

You have a kitchen with a sink full of dirty dishes, breadcrumbs on the floor and honey on your counter-tops. A bunch of cockroaches and ants come crawling around for lunch. The standard Medical Doctor’s perspective is that it’s the cockroaches and ants that are the problem. He will spray them with some pesticides and insecticides, figuring that if he kills them off the problem is solved. Then, thinking he has fixed the condition, he will leave the room. When he is called back a couple months later, he will wonder why there are twice as many creatures crawling around and suggest some more potent toxic chemicals to make sure he really gets them this time. The problem is, he has still left the dishes in the sink.

As a naturopath, I would say it’s the dirty dishes in the sink and the breadcrumbs on the floor that are the problem. I would clean up the dishes, mop up the floor, and wipe down the surfaces, and the cockroaches and ants will go next door to a dirty environment.

You take a stagnant swamp and a vibrant river. A stagnant swamp would breed fungus and algae on the top of its waters. If you look at the flowers and the trees in the background, they would be all dead and necrotic. You’d have mosquitoes and flies flying around there. Now here’s an MD: “I think it’s the mosquitoes and flies that are the problem – and the fungus and the algae on the top of the waters.” As a naturopath, I would say it’s the stagnant swamp.

Now someone’s right here and someone is wrong…

Supposing a person is in an elevator and has mononucleosis. Two people enter, the door shuts, and this guy sneezes on them both. They go home, one gets mono and the other one doesn’t. Now if it was germ theory, they should have both got sick. Why did the other one not?

It’s the method of exposure and it’s the inner condition of that particular individual upon exposure to the germ. What was his condition at the cellular level? What was his immune system status at that time? What was his oxygen status at that time at cellular level? What was his pH at that time? Was it acid or was it alkaline? What was his nutritional status at that time of exposure to the germ? Was he stressed? Was he calm? Was he exercising?

It’s the same way in the human body as in the stagnant swamp. There are a lot of variables, emotionally and physically, that we can look at that will determine whether that germ that comes in through your mouth or nose, or even by touching your fingers, will take hold or not. If you have morbid cells, and your pH is acidic, and you have stagnant blood, and stagnant lymph flow like a stagnant swamp – that’s just like sugar, honey and white flour to cockroaches. Guess what come in as scavengers? It’s all the parasites and the fungus and the bacteria and the molds that are there because it’s the sick cellular environment. They’re opportunistic! They’re not the cause of the disease, they’re there because of it – big difference! It’s not the germ, but your inner condition at cellular level upon exposure to the germ.

Gary Tunsky, Jr. (1960-2019) was a world-renowned cellular disease specialist who ​successfully assisted individuals to achieve total health and wellness for over 40 years. This is an excerpt from his second book which is currently being completed from his lectures,notes and previous writings.

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