David Copperfield Medicine

On one extreme, we have optimal health. You generally feel good, wake up energetic, are free of aches and pains, have good nutrition, and your filtration organs are adequately coping with whatever toxins enter your body. On the other extreme, you have multiple debilitating chronic illnesses and are knocking on death’s door.

Most people are a considerable way along the spectrum from optimal health when they roll into a doctor’s clinic requesting some honest help to improve their condition. Nonetheless, they will be told by their family doctor that there is nothing wrong with them, that they are in great shape, and that they have nothing to worry about. Somehow, they fall badly ill shortly thereafter.

The doctors were not exactly lying when they diagnosed the patient. According to their own definition of health, wellness is the absence of sickness. Therefore, they were technically right. Since there were no apparent manifestations of disease, there was “nothing wrong” with the patient when they strolled in. As a consequence, people die “in good health” all the time. The truth is that the absence of a negative is not the presence of a positive. Just because your back yard is not overrun with weeds, doesn’t mean you have a beautiful garden that’s blooming with flowers and fruit-bearing cherry orchards in it either.

We are told that the aches and pains, dizziness, headaches, drowsiness and low energy levels are just regular signs of aging, but people seem to be getting them younger and younger. They doctors use suppressive meds to help you “manage” symptoms, or even cut out body parts on an outside system level, but they’re never getting to the actual cause of the disease process at the cellular level.

The real danger to you with mainstream medicine is that it “works”! The danger is that you can’t feel the headache anymore because they knocked it out with an acetaminophen like Tylenol. You can’t feel the angina pain no more because they knocked it out with nitro-glycerine. You cannot feel the stomach problems anymore because they use an antacid in order to block the symptoms. They remove the symptom, but they don’t change the underlying condition of the body, so before long another symptom will spring up elsewhere.

I call it the David Copperfield medicine, after the famous stage magician. It’s the illusion that you’re getting better when actually you’re getting worse. You’re feeling better but you’re getting sicker because of the poisoning of the synthetic drug to the cell. The medications themselves cause disease which we call “side effects,” but the cellular screams are being muffled. And then you’re going, “Man, the wonders of modern medicine – it’s working! I’m getting well.” No, you’re not. It’s an illusion. And that’s the problem with MDs. If their so-called treatments actually “work.)” to make you feel better – so much the worse for you! As far as the disease is concerned, you’re getting sicker.

That’s why John H. Tilden wrote “amelioration is a form of building disease” in Toxemia Explained as far back as 1926! The cellular cries which they are knocking out are only the symptoms of a deeper underlying issue. The doctors are adding toxins to toxins, acid to acid, and more immunosuppressive components, from pharmaceuticals, to an already repressed immune system.

All they’re doing is playing the magical shell game with diseases. You start out with one disease, and – like magic – the medications made the symptoms disappear, but then you got another one. So, you zapped that as well – and then you got another one that you also had to treat. It’s a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

You start to wonder why life is so unfair and you can’t just have a normal body that doesn’t keep breaking down on you and throwing up symptoms no matter what you do. You’ve done all the right things, gone to all the right specialists, took all the meds you’ve been prescribed exactly when you’ve been told to take them. Statins for your cholesterol, ACEs for your blood pressure, NSAIDS for pain and inflammation, and you wonder why nothing is working. Six to eight months later you wake up with a heart attack. If you live through the heart attack, you’re strapped to a gurney with a thirty forty-thousand-dollar triple bypass or a quad. They hit you on the front end with suppressive meds to knock out the symptoms, so you don’t feel it anymore.

This includes cancer. Cancer is not the problem, it’s the end result of a problem that has been building for years. They use chemotherapy and radiation to burn the tumor, but the tumor is a side effect of the underlying cancer process, which is systemic rather than local to the site of the tumor. These are two separate entities you could say, and doctors are taught they are one and the same. So, their focus is on removing the tumor, and they think if they removed the tumor then they somehow cured the cancer. But if the tumor is only the most prominent manifestation of the cancer process – the tip of the iceberg so to speak – then it’s only a matter of time before it incubates back into another tumor in the same spot because they didn’t change anything. They made your immune system worse with poisonous chemo. Radiation and chemotherapy are poisons that kill healthy cells and cancer cells indiscriminately. This is fully admitted! Healthcare workers who are involved with handling anti-cancer drugs are warned to take special care because of the risk of developing cancer from being in contact with them! You can’t be poisoned back to health.

Mainstream doctors practice David Copperfield Medicine because they don’t think there is an actual function to what the body is doing. They think that it’s an accident, a freak of nature, or that something has just gone wrong. They can’t conceive that the body has its own intelligence that knows better than they do what is good for you.

So, our job is to make sure you are educated to understand the system. Because if you don’t know this information, you’re going to make wrong choices for not only yourself but your loved ones and your children. And they have no say. You never pick up the phone and even talk to an MD if you are diseased. They know nothing about disease, nothing, outside the symptom.

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