The Real Cause of Death

In 1993 the New England Journal of Medicine came out with a very well-researched report called Actual Causes of Death in the United States (repeated in 2004) which stated that 70% of our diseases are lifestyle related, and that eight of the


The One Disease with Many Symptoms

When we look at all the different diseases that people contract these days, what we are seeing are a variety of Cellular Functional Disorders (or CFDs as I call them for short). One disease is being repackaged in 12,000 different ways. Let

Cholesterol Is Not Linked to Heart Disease?

This is a prototype/except from an incomplete article. There is a huge amount of evidence to suggest that cholesterol is actually linked to heart disease which has not been debunked. In addition to that, the logic of why cholesterol consumption leads to


Cholesterol is a vital component of our cells, which is why our body makes all that we need. For most Americans eating a conventional diet, plaque accumulates inside the coronary arteries that feed our heart muscle. This plaque build-up, known as atherosclerosis,

Vegetarians Detox More Heavy Metals

Lead is one of the toxins found in meat, but half of our dietary exposure probably comes from plant foods. Dietary modelling studies in Europe suggest that vegetarians would be exposed to about the same amount of lead compared to the general